Since the series switched to Peacock,’ The Office’ fans have made this Creed Bratton joke.


“The Office” left Netflix on January 1, 2021.

For many viewers, who always binged for warmth on the NBC comedy series, the move marked the end of an era. While Peacock has several million subscribers already, some The Office fans refuse to make the move. A funny line from Creed Bratton is used by these fans to poke fun at their rebellion against Peacock.

Fans do not switch to Netflix to watch “The Office” anymore

“The Office” viewers had to dust off their DVD collection at the beginning of the new year or subscribe to NBC’s Peacock streaming site to enjoy seeing their favorite episodes again.

As fans only heard in June 2019 that “The Office” was leaving Netflix, this move was a long time coming.

Netflix tweeted, “We are saddened that NBC has decided to withdraw The Office for its own streaming platform,” “But members can watch the series ad-free to their heart’s content on Netflix until January 2021.”

All episodes of’ The Office’ just have Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus.

Now on Peacock, fans will find “The Office”

Three levels are available to customers via the NBC platform: Peacock, Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus. In the free Peacock subscription, only the first two seasons of The Office are included.

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Fans would need to subscribe to Peacock Premium or the Plus edition of the service if you want to watch any of the “The Office,” shows. For $4.99 a month, Peacock Premium is offered and offers fans access to every comedy series episode plus behind-the-scenes videos and deleted scenes.

The only catch is that there are Peacock and Peacock Luxury advertisements.

For a Plus account, fans who want an ad-free experience will have to pay $9.99 per month.

Some “Office” fans do not support Peacock and claim that next year there will be a “funeral for a bird”

Michael Scott (Steve Carell) staged an elaborate funeral for a bird that crashed through the glass doors of their office building in the season 3 episode “The Return,” Of course, he did this after learning that if he, their chief and regional manager, died, his co-workers would not care.

“Next year when no one subscribes to Peacock,”We had a funeral for a bird,”We had a funeral for a bird.”

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“I love that scene because Creed is actually telling the truth, but Jim being gone had no idea any of it happened and he just doesn’t look at it as Creed being Creed,” said one fan in the thread.

While they are kidding about their lack of Peacock support, some fans are serious.

Some fans share other ways outside of Peacock to stream “The Office”

Several fans of the series are not satisfied with the switch to Peacock.

“Peacock is not real,” another fan in the “Creed” thread commented.

Some fans suggest circumventing the need to pay for yet another subscription service and investing in the series’ physical copies.

“Honestly, if your main motivation for another $10/month streaming subscription (if you want to be ad-free) is so you can watch The Office whenever you want, then just buy the seasons,” one fan said.

Others suggested streaming The Office from a Netflix account in Japan, Canada or Britain.

Netflix accounts, reportedly, also have the rights to each season in other countries.

Despite the split, viewers, no matter how they consume the series, love The Office.


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