Since Prince Philip’s death, the Queen has maintained a “warm bond” with Princess Anne.


Since Prince Philip’s death, the Queen has maintained a “warm bond” with Princess Anne.

THE QUEEN’S DEAR HUSBAND, Prince Philip, passed away earlier this year. Princess Anne has also been a source of “warm companionship” and company for the Queen, according to a body language specialist.

The Queen and Prince Philip had been married for 73 years when the Duke died in April 2021 at the age of 99. Princess Anne has attended the Queen to a few official occasions since her father’s death. Anne, however, has continually proven to be a source of considerable support to the Queen in the performance of her royal duties, even before Philip’s death.

Pictures of Princess Anne and the Queen in recent years, according to body language expert Judi James, reveal that they both have a shared sense of “work ethic.”

According to Ms. James, who spoke to this website, “In terms of personalities and behavior, Anne was always referred to as the “chip off the old block” of her father.

“But in the last few years, especially since Philip’s death, she has shown a lot of understanding and warmth for her mother.

“The two women are recognized for their stoic dispositions, as well as their shared love of horses and work ethic.”

The Queen and Anne frequently laugh together while on royal engagements, which is another indicator of their close friendship.

Ms. James continued, “Their body language together reveals that they have a similar sense of humour.

“This appears to be moderated in public due to their roles, but the signs suggest they have a lot of fun behind the scenes.

“Anne never seems to pity or patronize the elderly, which must be a trait that her mother admires.

“We witnessed Anne’s sharp humor in action with her mother when the Queen was meeting guests in a line-up and looked around to see who was next, only to hear a giggling Anne respond, ‘No ma’am, it’s only me.’

When it comes to royal obligations, Princess Anne has unquestionably borrowed a page from the Queen’s book.

The Queen, who is 95 years old, maintains a busy schedule of royal engagements across the United Kingdom.

As she approaches her seventh decade on the throne, the Queen is as committed to her royal position as she was when she was crowned in 1952.

Many parallels have been drawn between Princess Anne and her late father, Prince Philip, over the years.

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