Simon Reeve, a TV travel expert, says he feels like a hypocrite because of his “enormous” carbon footprint.


Simon Reeve, a TV travel expert, says his “enormous” carbon footprint makes him feel like a hypocrite.

SIMON REEVE has admitted that he often feels like a “hypocrite” because of the carbon footprint his travel documentaries leave behind.

Simon Reeve, a travel expert, is well-known for his BBC documentaries that take him to exotic locations around the world.

He’s hosted travel shows from all over the world, including Australia, Cuba, and the Caribbean, over the years.

Simon, on the other hand, appears to have shifted his focus in recent years, focusing on British landscapes.

In a recent interview, the explorer discussed his travels and the environmental impact they can have.

As a result of the carbon footprints left by his travel shows, the star admitted he sometimes feels like a “hypocrite.”

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Simon talked about the environmental impact of travel.

Simon revealed to host Lauren Laverne that he thinks about how his own actions affect the environment a lot.

Simon said, “I obviously feel like a hypocrite many a time,” referring to the carbon footprint his travel shows leave behind.

He did, however, point out that his travel programs have “value” in that they raise awareness of environmental issues around the world.

“Perhaps there is some tiny value in the programs I make,” the explorer said, “and I hope that this mitigates in some way the enormous footprint that I, and we, have in making these journeys.”

“From the beginning, we’ve tried to incorporate true, honest stories about what’s going on with our planet,” he continued.

Simon admitted that his shows aren’t perfect when it comes to environmental issues, but he insisted that they send a powerful message to viewers.

“Ultimately, the only way we’ll know what’s going on out there is to go out there and faithfully capture it and bring it back for people to see and be shocked by,” he explained.

“I’m not sure we’ve got it quite right.

However, I believe it has value and significance,” the travel expert added.

Simon has attempted to shift his focus to exploring more of the United Kingdom, taking into account the environmental impact of his travel programs.

His shows have recently featured the landscapes of Cornwall, the Lake District, and Cumbria.

Simon stated that his love of travel developed later in life.

Despite the fact that I have traveled extensively.

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