Simon Gregson of Corrie reveals tips that could help him in the I’m A Celeb castle.


Simon Gregson of Corrie reveals tips that could help him in the I’m A Celeb castle.

Simon Gregson, who is best known for his role as Steve McDonald on Coronation Street, will be joining his fellow campmates on I’m A Celebrity…

Get Me Out of Here! was the title of the show on Thursday night.

Simon Gregson of Coronation Street will join Adam Woodyatt of EastEnders as the two latecomers to the I’m A Celebrity…

This year’s castle is Get Me Out of Here!

The couple will compete in challenges with the other celebrities to determine who will be crowned King or Queen of the Castle.

However, Simon’s culinary abilities appear to give him a slight advantage.

Simon is preparing to bring to the table his camping skills in order to be creative with the food they’ve been given and keep everyone warm.

“I’m not a bad cook, I can make a fire,” Simon told Brinkwire and other journalists.

I just hope there aren’t too many physical activities to choose from.

“I used to be in great shape; now I’m just fat.”

“Hopefully, I’ll be able to contribute something.”

Simon also hopes to lose weight by traveling to Wales, saying, “Wales might be a bit tamer than Australia – my famous last words.”

It’s a bit difficult, they [Coronation Street actors] say.

“The food isn’t great, but that’s a plus for me because I’m trying to lose weight, so it’s the worst bootcamp in the world.”

Simon, on the other hand, used the time before starting the strict diet to make the most of the food available to him.

“In my two-week quarantine, I had the best of intentions,” he said.

“I reasoned, there’s gym equipment, I’ll cut back on my food intake, and I’ll follow all the proper sleeping patterns…

None of them are something I’ve ever done.

“I’ve been putting everything to the back of my mind so far that I forgot what I was doing there at one point.”

“All I was doing was eating curry and living life to the fullest.”

Simon is ecstatic to be joining his fellow celebrities in the castle, particularly Danny Miller and Richard Madeley, whom he knows and describes as “lovely guys.”

As a surprise star shake-up for the fellow celebs, Simon will enter the castle with Adam Woodyatt in Thursday night’s episode.

At 9 p.m., ITV and ITV Hub broadcast I’m A Celebrity.


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