‘Shut up, you moron!’ Eamonn Holmes retaliates to the notion that he was looking for a nurse to serve as a servant.


‘Shut up, you moron!’ Eamonn Holmes retaliates to the notion that he was looking for a nurse to serve as a servant.

EAMONN HOLMES has slammed a social media user for “f**king lying” and “misrepresenting” him after they claimed the actor intended to “employ a nurse as his servant.”

Eamonn Holmes, 61, of This Morning, has turned to Twitter to respond to a social media user who claimed the star indicated he wants to “employ a nurse as his servant around the house.” The ITV personality didn’t mince words in responding to the unusual claim, calling it “f**king lies.”

Shut up, you moron.

Eamonn Holmes is an Irish writer.

The This Morning co-host, who is presently co-hosting with his wife Ruth Langsford for the entire month of August, became entangled in a Twitter feud.

They quickly drew the ITV actress into the argument after a social media user expressed worries about practice nurses doing advanced nurse practitioner roles.

“Did you see @thismorning last month when @EamonnHolmes stated he was going to ‘hire a nurse’ as his servant around the house?” they wrote.

“Unfortunately, the name ‘nurse’ has been overused and demonized by many in the media who perceive us as handmaidens rather than graduates. RNs require a new term.” (sic)

The original contributor agreed that the word deserved to be “reclaimed” by another Twitter user.

“Agree,” they said. This isn’t the first time @EamonnHolmes has disparaged nursing.”

But when Eamonn saw the Tweet in which he was tagged, he didn’t hold back in accusing the person of “misrepresentation.”

“Don’t come on here and misrepresent me,” the Irish TV host retorted, enraged. You have no right to say that! Cite these transgressions.

“F*****g lies, f*****g lies, f*****g lies, This is typical of how lies spread. If I were [you], I’d consider removing this post,” he advised.

“Why do individuals like you attack the decent guys?” Eamonn concluded his post. (sic).

The Twitter user, though, was unfazed and demanded an apology from the ITV host.

“Check your inbox,” they wrote. On the day you made the comment on This Morning, I messaged you.

“You should apologize for being so out of order.”

Eamonn was so enraged by the interaction that he went on to bash the social media user once more.

“Shut up, you ignoramus,” he wrote. (sic)

“I am in need of nursing and have been in need of nursing in the past. I’m aware of the situation.” (sic)

The star of This Morning has undoubtedly had his fair share of attention. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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