Should GB News be pulled off the air? GB News poll: Should GB News be taken off the air? Is there any way to save the channel now?


Should GB News be pulled off the air? GB News poll: Should GB News be taken off the air? Is there any way to save the channel now?

NIGEL Farage has been announced as the new primetime presenter for GB News, but is it too late for the channel following a rocky start that saw watching figures plummet? Leave a comment or vote in the poll to let us know what you think.

Guto Harri was apparently suspended from GB News for kneeling in solidarity with individuals who have faced racial discrimination, according to reports. The number of people watching GB News has plummeted in its first month on air, and figures reveal that it has reached zero views twice this week. The lowest figures were recorded on Wednesday, after broadcaster Guto Harri took a knee in protest of racism. Viewers skipped the show in protest of his public statement.

“I’m Welsh, love GB News, and totally embarrassed/gutted by what you did taking the knee,” one viewer tweeted Mr Harri. “It made me sick.”

The recent viewer boycott in response to taking the knee, a mark of sympathy for individuals who have experienced racial prejudice, has been interpreted by critics of the show as proof that the audience of GB News is racist.

As a result of his actions, Mr Harri is said to have been suspended from GB News today.

Technical issues such as autocue failure, blurry image, sound problems, poor lighting, and the removal of advertisements due to content concerns regarding inclusivity have all plagued the broadcast.

Ikea, Grolsch, and Kopparberg all pulled their advertisements from GB News less than a week after it first aired, putting the show’s finances in jeopardy.

“GB News will not be another echo-chamber for the urban attitude that currently controls so much of our media,” Andrew Neil, chairman of GB News and a former BBC journalist, said at the start of the show.

“We are pleased to be British, as the name implies.”

According to Yougov data from earlier this year, 27% of viewers thought news would be better if it were less London-centric, indicating that Mr Neil was capitalizing on a market gap with his anti-metropolitan attitude.

Mr Neil’s own segment, “woke watch,” addresses how social movements like racial equality and transgender rights have “gone too far,” a sentiment shared by 55% of the UK people outside of London, according to Yougov.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit party.


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