‘Short and sweet!’ says the author. On diving analysis, a BBC reporter takes a shot at Chris Mears.


‘Short and sweet!’ says the author. On diving analysis, a BBC reporter takes a shot at Chris Mears.

Former Olympic diver and BBC co-host Chris Wear was chastised by BBC analyst Kat Downes for his “short and sweet” diving comments.

Kat Downes, a BBC commentator, sneered at her BBC co-host Chris Wear’s diving analysis, calling it “short and sweet.” The remark was made during the examination of Tom Daley’s round one dive in the men’s 10 meters platform final. After qualifying in fourth position for the final, Tom is aiming for his second gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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“Chris, we will watch Tom Daley’s dive from round one,” BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker added. “Didn’t you enjoy this?”

“Oh absolutely, Tom has brought his A-game, so buckle up for this one,” Chris replied. It’s going to be fantastic.”

“Short and sweet with Chris Wears’ analysis there, but he told you everything you needed to know,” Kat joked.

“After round one, Tom Daley sits in the silver medal position thanks to a fantastic dive.”

Chris is a former Olympic diver who competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics for Team GB and won gold.

“Tom Daley is delivering,” Kat stated as Tom was leading in gold medal position halfway through the final.

“It makes for thrilling reading for British diving fans, with Tom Daley leading by five points above the favourites, the Chinese divers.”

Leon Taylor, an Olympic diving silver medalist, remarked on the BBC on his first dive, “I was wondering whether Tom was going to show up, hoping.”

“And he did,” says the narrator. Daley isn’t serving dog’s food for his first dive.”

Tom Daley won bronze in the final, his second medal of the Games, while China’s Cao Yuan won gold and Yang Jian grabbed silver.

In what could be his final Olympics, Tom created history by becoming the first British diver to win four Olympic medals.

The Plymouth native has yet to say whether this will be the final chapter in his extraordinary Olympic journey.

“I am so delighted this Olympics has gone the way it has,” he stated afterwards.

“I feel like a new athlete, and I’ve always wanted to be here.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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