Shoppers are outraged by Tesco’s ant killer commercial, describing themselves as “extremely angry and upset.”


Shoppers are outraged by Tesco’s ant killer commercial, describing themselves as “extremely angry and upset.”

Gardeners have slammed TESCO after the shop appeared to advertise ant killer for the garden today. Ants, according to critics, belong in the garden.

Tesco has been chastised on Twitter for promoting bug and ant killer alongside the tagline “Enjoy your garden,” according to one Twitter user. “Walked into @Tesco & spotted this,” she wrote. I was furious and upset when I left. Insects are welcome in your garden.”

An in-store display promoted the Nippon ant killer and bug killer.

Images of flowers and butterflies were also included.

The sign, on the other hand, has angered insect advocates.

They argue that, given the current biodiversity issue, it is irresponsible.

Several papers and studies have highlighted the loss of biodiversity in the UK in recent years.

Last year, the United Kingdom failed to meet 17 of the 20 UN biodiversity goals set a decade ago.

“Makes you feel hopeless, doesn’t it?” one Twitter user remarked. Tesco (@Tesco) – Insecticides, herbicides, and noxious plastic plants abound in your stores. Have you heard that we’re in the midst of a biodiversity crisis?!”

“Kill everything you see till you’re left with nothing!! Or maybe just live among the animals, let’s change our thinking, @Tesco, you can do better!” one written

“The bees are dying,” observed another. The number of insects on the planet is dwindling. It may surprise you, but insects are necessary for the survival of the planet.”

One gardener said, “I’m delighted that my garden is wild and that I have never used insecticides in 52 years.”

For the most part, ants are beneficial in the garden. They aid in soil loosening as well as soil structure and drainage.

They also eat honeydew, which can accumulate on plants and cause damage.

Many gardeners rallied to the ant’s defense. “Ants are incredible, intriguing creatures who deserve a lot more respect,” one person said.

“The only time I’d remove ants is if they were actually inside my house,” another stated. They are beneficial to the garden and the biodiversity of the soil in which they thrive, as well as peonies.”

If you want to get rid of ants’ nests in your garden, don’t use boiling water.

This could scorch your garden’s soil, making it difficult to grow anything there.

Simply use cold water to water the ants’ nests. Ants dislike moist nests, so this will motivate them to leave.

Tesco has been asked for comment by this website.

There are a slew of them. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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