Shona Platt’s ‘exit’ from Coronation Street has been sealed?


After Shona Platt ruins business, Coronation Street’s beloved resident’s ‘exit’ is sealed?

Rita Sullivan, a stalwart of CORONATION STREET, may be forced to leave the Cobbles after Shona Platt wrecks her business.

Since 1964, Rita Sullivan (played by Barbara Knox) has been a fan favorite on ITV’s Coronation Street.

She only appeared on the soap for one episode before returning six years later as the wife of Harry Bates (William Simons) in January 1972.

Rita can often be found in The Kabin, the newsagents where she used to work.

Despite the fact that she has handed over the reins to someone else, Rita continues to work as an assistant in the shop.

Norris (Malcolm Hebden), Rita’s best friend, sold The Kabin to Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) and Cathy Matthews (Melanie Hill) before he died.

However, Rita’s beloved job could be jeopardized in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, as Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) takes a part-time job there to assist her.

Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) urges Brian and Cathy to book some cover to help Rita when they announce they are going on vacation.

They’re convinced Rita won’t be able to cope on her own, so they’ve revealed that shopkeeper Shona will be assisting them while they’re away in Cornwall.

Shona assures Rita that she will not let her down and that she is taking the job seriously as she walks her through her responsibilities.

However, things go wrong when Shona receives new stock from Gordon (Rowe David McClelland), a regular supplier.

Shona, on the other hand, rudely informs Gordon that she can’t take any more of his boring stories and requests that he leave.

She has no idea that the supplier is Rita’s long-time friend.

Jenny later warns Shona that Gordon and Rita are best friends, and that she may have ruined their relationship.

If Rita loses one of the shop’s most devoted suppliers, Shona may have burned a bridge for her.

Will Shona’s actions result in them both being fired?

Worse yet, will Rita abandon the Cobbles once she realizes she has nothing left?

Rita’s future on the soap has been questioned after her best friend, Norris, was killed off, despite the actress not announcing any plans to leave.

Due to his health, the actor who plays Norris decided to leave the ITV soap earlier this year.

The 81-year-old actor made the decision to give up everything.

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