SHINee’s Taemin appears to be in good health in a military interview, and fans advise him to eat as much as he wants.


Taemin answers 30 questions in an interview with Korea’s Military Administration as he talks about his new life as Private in the Military Band

Ever since SHINee’s members started to enlist in the military starting with the group’s leader Onew in December of 2018, the group has never been complete. With three out of the now four members of the group being enlisted in the year 2019, Taemin the Maknae of SHINee was the only member that was left behind.

Even though Taemin’s fans, Taemints, as well as SHINee’s fans, Shawols had a lot of solo content from Taemin as well as his appearance in the SM Entertainment supergroup, SuperM, fans were still very aware that Taemin will have to bid them farewell for a while as his enlistment was an omnipresent feeling. With Taemin bidding fans a tearful goodbye as his members Onew, Key and Minho bid him farewell on May 31, he enlisted for his mandatory military service as a member of the military band.

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