‘She’s doing my head in,’ says a guest on the Celebrity Antiques Road Trip in a scathing attack on the auctioneer.


‘She’s doing my head in,’ says a guest on the Celebrity Antiques Road Trip in a scathing attack on the auctioneer.

In the latest episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, comedy legend and actress Crissy Rock became angry when her silver sugar nips failed to impress the crowd.

In a tour around the north east with Margie Cooper and Christina Trevanion, Crissy was joined by Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt. Unfortunately, her attempt to auction off an odd item of kitchenware in Tuesday’s edition of the BBC staple on Antiques Road Trip was unsuccessful.

When the auctioneer dropped the beginning price of her item in a matter of seconds, the celebrity guest became irritated.

Crissy was hoping to sell a pair of wishbone-shaped silver sugar nips.

She had paid £25 for the item, but the asking price had dropped from £20 to £10 in a matter of days.

Crissy fumed as the figure descended, “She’s doing my head in here now.”

“It’s not her fault no one wants your wishbone!” Scarlett said.

Fortunately, the bids ultimately increased from £10 to £18.

“Come on, more than that!” Christina encouraged her as the bids continued to pour in.

When the offer appeared to be stalled at £18 the presenters and guests screamed even louder.

Christina persuaded the buyers to raise their bids once more, and their prayers were answered.

Unfortunately, the bids did not exceed £22, and Crissy did not earn a profit on the item.

Margie was particularly dissatisfied, admitting, “I thought £35, minimum.”

“I don’t think anyone’s there!” Crissy began to scream.




“She’s only chatting to an imaginary buddy,” she asserted, causing the rest to burst out laughing.

Despite her pleas, Margie didn’t appear sure that the item was worth purchasing at first.

“Very, very good,” the ‘Silver Queen’ remarked when Christina asked her opinion.

“I mean, they’re completely useless.” They’re a waste of money, but they’re great for £25.” In the end, Crissy fared better than Scarlett, her celebrity guest star for the show.

Her Newcastle-crested plate cost £20 when it was purchased, but it was only sold for £5.

Plus, Crissy made a handsome profit of £47 on the episode’s best find, a butler side table.


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