Shemar Moore sparked a frenzy with a storyline hint and a first look at Hondo in SWAT season 5.


Shemar Moore sparked a frenzy with a storyline hint and a first look at Hondo in SWAT season 5.

Season five of SWAT has piqued the imagination of fans, and Hondo star Shemar Moore gave an intriguing first peek on social media.

SWAT will return to CBS in October for season five, and star Shemar Moore teased the narrative on Instagram ahead of the premiere. His character Hondo appeared extremely different outside of his customary police outfit, which fueled rumors regarding his fate in the upcoming season, which caught fans off guard.

Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (played by Shemar Moore) received a surprising demotion in the season finale of SWAT.

This happened after he chose to tell the press about the department’s prejudice, which triggered a protest.

Senior officer Commander Robert “Bob” Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) had no choice but to demote Hondo after one of them triggered an explosion at the station.

Despite this, his coworkers were unsatisfied, and they were eager to have him dismissed for betraying the badge.

Many viewers were concerned about the disgraced officer’s fate and whether he would return in season five.

Thankfully, it was announced that he will return, but not in the way that viewers had hoped.

Shemar Moore took to Instagram to publish a photo of his avatar dressed strangely casually, with a cowboy hat and riding a horse in what appeared to be a forest.

Hondo was used to wearing his uniform and working on the busy streets of Los Angeles, so this was out of the ordinary for him.

Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) shared a post.

Fans flocked to his comments, not only to express their excitement for Season 5, but also to speculate on what Hondo might be up to.

“Hondo’s cowboy era OK,” one person wrote.

“I’m eagerly waiting, the countdown is on,” said another ecstatic fan.


With this first look image depicting Hondo in a totally different light, many fans assumed season five would see the officer transform into a cowboy.

The cast was spotted in Mexico, confirming that the upcoming installment would be shot outside of its customary locale of Los Angeles.

Shawn Ryan, the executive producer of SWAT, spoke with TVLine and revealed a huge spoiler about Hondo’s fate.

“As Hondo ponders what.” Brinkwire Summary News, he revealed.


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