‘She will never speak to me again!’ Joan Collins ridiculed Sophia Loren’s appearance.


‘She will never speak to me again!’ Joan Collins ridiculed Sophia Loren’s appearance.

Dame Joan Collins attacked Sophia Loren’s image in her most recent book, refusing to “kowtow to cancel culture” and instead speaking her views.

My Unapologetic Diaries, by Joan Collins, will be released later this month. Based on diary notes she began recording in 1996, her current release sees her freely reveal her thoughts on everyone from Donald Trump to Debbie Reynolds.

‘Is that rude?’ I wondered when I saw it written down.

Joan Collins, 88, has a section in her book dedicated to the “awful teeth” she has seen in Beverly Hills.

The Dynasty legend makes a snide remark about Sophia Loren’s sparkling whites, but it’s not quite complimentary.

They “appear to have been carved out of ivory,” according to Joan.

She addressed her remarks and her “non-diplomatic” character in a new interview released today.

When queried about Sophia, 87, the mother-of-three said that she had second thoughts about what she’d said.

“When I saw that written down, I thought to myself, ‘Is that rude?'” Joan clarified. “She’s still living.”

“But it’s not like we’re best friends and she’ll never talk to me again.” “And it’s true!” says the narrator. Joan asked the Daily Mail’s publicist if she thinks such remarks will be attributed to “b***hiness” during their conversation.

According to the publication, she trailed off after saying, “Well, then, maybe my editor should have been a bit more…”

“You can’t say anything these days without being cancelled,” the screen legend continued.

When asked what she’s “allowed” to say, the Golden Globe winner stated she follows in her father’s footsteps.

“I’m not kowtowing to cancel culture,” she said. I’m not allowed to say this or that.

“In that way, I’m like my father [late theatrical agent Joe Collins].”

“Non-diplomatic. It’s probably a Gemini thing.” Joan praised the late Prince Philip for “expressing what he thought, even if it hurt others.”

This isn’t the first time the columnist and athor has mentioned Sophia.

Joan stated in a 2018 interview that the two did cross paths.

“Sophia Loren, who I still meet occasionally in Europe,” she told the Guardian, referring to other prominent names. I spend a lot of time at St Tropez, but I never see Brigitte Bardot; she’s like a recluse.”


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