Shawn Mendes Won’t Stop Smiling During a Serious Lie Detector Test.


While fans of singer Shawn Mendes may accuse him of stealing hearts, it doesn’t seem like he’s committed any major crimes. So, why was he taking a lie detector test and — perhaps more importantly — why wouldn’t he stop smiling despite the serious tone of the administrators? Plus, what did he have to say under pressure about some of his most famous friends — including which one he thinks has a “little bit of a villain look”?

Shawn Mendes admitted he lied to girlfriend Camila Cabello

In Sept. 2021, Mendes participated in the lie detector test for Vanity Fair.  Lots of celebrities do it – and they usually end up answering questions about other famous people. Lucky for Mendes, the tone was serious but the test wasn’t designed to prove him guilty of a crime.

For instance, the interviewer brought up a previous interview where Mendes said his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, thinks he’s “incapable of lying.” They asked if he’d ever lied to Cabello, and he admitted that he has.

But presumably, the couple had already worked through that before she saw the video.

Though Mendes admitted to past dishonesty, he said he’s “pretty bad” at lying.

The test revealed he was telling the truth about that.

And while the test might not have been administered in relation to a crime, Mendes still seemed like it was making him a little uneasy.

Shawn Mendes wouldn’t stop smiling during lie detector test

After the interviewer asked Mendes the first questions, he noted, “I can’t stop smiling. Something weird is happening.” The interviewer then instructed Mendes to “get serious” and he said “okay” – but he was still smiling.

Seemingly, he was smiling because he was nervous about being in the situation. “I’m feeling something – like electricity go through my fingers,” he anxiously shared at one point.

Apparently, that was normal because Mendes made it through.

But he also answered questions about a few other celebrities besides Cabello and had some interesting things to say while under pressure.

Who looks a ‘little like a villain’?

While taking the test, Mendes answered questions about his “really, really good friend,” musician John Mayer.

As Mayer is known as a famous bachelor, the interviewer asked Mendes if he thinks Mayer will always hold on to that title. “No,” he answered. “I think that when he’s ready and he surrenders, the right person’s gonna fall into his world.”

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