Seven methods to avoid hot feet in heels this summer.


Seven methods to avoid hot feet in heels this summer.

When wearing heels in the summer, sweaty, slick feet are unavoidable… but they can be avoided. Here are seven techniques for keeping your heels cool.

It’s time to put on some high-heeled sandals now that the weather is warm. Every year, we overlook the one drawback: wearing heels in the summer makes your feet hot, sticky, and uncomfortable as they slide around. In this situation, no one can move naturally or gracefully, which can cause you to trip or fall. Don’t worry, this website spoke with Emjee Smit, the founder of Kaya Capriole, a luxury and sustainable high heel brand, to learn seven techniques for wearing platforms, stilettos, and court heels in total comfort this summer.

Spraying deodorant on your feet may seem unusual, but it’s actually one of the most straightforward ways to avoid high heel sweat.

“Just like you’d spritz deodorant on your underarms, spritz deodorant on your feet to keep them smelling fresh all day,” Emjee said. There isn’t much to it; one layer should suffice.

“However, you need think about the deodorant you’re using; I’d recommend going with a clear and light deodorant since you don’t want it to stain the inner lining of your shoes, especially if they’re a focal point of the design, as they often are at Kaya Capriole.”

Never buy a pair of high heels that is too little or too tight… A small gap should always be present.

“Ventilation is crucial, and celebs don’t wear high heels that appear a touch too wide for no reason,” Emjee explained.

“Leaving some wiggle room in your high heels eliminates uncomfortable friction and allows air to flow beneath your feet, keeping them cooler and less sweaty.

“Never wear high heels that are excessively tight; your feet will quickly get hot and sweaty!”

Socks aren’t recommended for most heels, but you might be able to get away with a pair if you’re wearing court heels.

“If you’re wearing court heels, you may invest in pop-socks, which you won’t see but will assist to keep your feet less sweaty,” Emjee advised.

“That’s right, your old pop socks from school have finally found a new purpose!”

If your heels aren’t open-toed or sandal-style, you can use talc-free foot powder to protect your feet.

“Foot powder will absorb,” Emjee remarked. Brinkwire Summary News


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