Servers have been updated with an abandoned PS5 trailer app ahead of the next State of Play.


Servers have been updated with an abandoned PS5 trailer app ahead of the next State of Play.

ABANDONED is one of the most enigmatic PS5 exclusives currently under development. And, before of the upcoming State of Play event, PlayStation players will be able to get a closer look at the Blue Box Game Studios horror courtesy to a real-time trailers app that has been introduced to PlayStation Store servers.

In recent months, Abandoned has been one of the most talked-about PS5 games. Since its announcement, the enigmatic horror title from Blue Box Game Studios has been rumoured to be a new Silent Hill game in disguise. Despite the fact that the game’s creators, Blue Box Game Studios, deny it, this is the reality.

Gamers should have answers soon, thanks to the debut of a real-time trailers app for Abandoned.

Instead of a recording, this software, the first of its type, will depict what Abandoned looks like when played on PS5 hardware.

As a result, PS5 gamers won’t have to worry about video compression when watching the teaser. What they’ll see in front of them is how Abandoned will appear once it’s up and running.

The Abandoned Trailers app was supposed to be released in June, however director Hasan Kahraman indicated that it will be delayed.

The introduction of the Abandoned PS5 Trailers app has been pushed back until August, according to Kahraman, who claims the software isn’t “quite ready yet.”

However, in an unexpected turn of events, the Abandoned Trailers app has been integrated to the PlayStation Store’s backend.

The Abandoned trailers app has been added to the PS Store servers, according to a post by Technclub.

The program, which is currently unavailable for download, is said to be 1.8GB in size.

The announcement of the Abandoned app comes as Sony is expected to announce the start date for its upcoming State of Play event in the near future.

The next major PS5 event is expected to take place on Thursday, July 8, and Sony is expected to reveal the date of its next State of Play event this week.

In terms of what might be disclosed, Ghost of Ikishima, a previously unreleased standalone expansion for Ghost of Tsushima, is said to be on the way.

It’s also been suggested that we might get a first look at God of War Ragnarok gameplay.

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