Server status and update patch notes for Escape from Tarkov.


Server status and update patch notes for Escape from Tarkov.

As developer Battlestate Games releases a major new update, ESCAPE from Tarkov is taken offline for server maintenance.

Fans of Escape from Tarkov will be disappointed to learn that the game has been pulled offline for server maintenance.

From 8 a.m. BST UK time until roughly midday, the Escape from Tarkov servers will be unavailable as part of update

Anyone attempting to log in during this time will almost certainly receive an error message and be sent to the download page for the new version.

“We intend to start uploading patch tomorrow, at 10:00 Moscow time,” said developer Battlestate Games on Twitter.

“The installation will take about 4 hours, but it could take longer if necessary. During this time, the game will be unavailable.”

While the server status report isn’t particularly enjoyable to read, the good news is that the development team has been hard at work improving the game.

The latest version includes a number of bug fixes and gameplay adjustments, as you can see from the patch notes below.

Battlestate has added a ‘Very Low’ graphical preset, which should help older PCs run the game more smoothly.

Dogtages will now be classified by level, and high-level players will have access to new tasks.

• When successfully fleeing any location as a Player Scav, a Fence reputation boost has been added.

• Extracts from the PMC-Scav collaboration are now permanently available at all sites.

• Tagilla’s melee noises have been tweaked.

• On the Scav item turn-in screen, a Sorting Table has been added.

• New quests for high-level players have been added.

• In the Sound options tab, you may now change PMC voices. While not in a raid, you can change your voice at any moment.

• Various AI improvements.

• Added the option for players under level 20 to use the Flea Market to search for and buy products from Traders.

• Levels will now be used to sort dogtags.

• Added a 30% discount for all things purchased from Fence at the highest loyalty level.

• Added the graphics setting “Very Low.”

• Raindrops are now presented accurately on all hand models.

• On Interchange, the loot spawn in the lockers was fixed.

• Fixed a problem that caused the after-raid healing menu to disappear in some situations.

• The names of ammo boxes now accurately reflect their contents.

● The actual crafting time in the Scav example now adjusts in accordance with Fence’s repute.

• A issue that caused a blank was fixed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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