September allotment tips: five veggies to sow this week


September allotment tips: five veggies to sow this week

Although September marks the conclusion of the summer season, it is an excellent time to sow vegetables. What are the top five veggies that gardeners should sow this month?

September has arrived, and with it comes a new chance to revitalize your garden or allotment. Despite the fact that the fall season brings cooler temperatures and less sun, it is the ideal time to plant a wide variety of vegetables.

Green-thumbed Britons should begin preparing overwintering veggies this week in order to have them ready for next spring.

The best time to grow onions and shallots is between September and October, when the seeds are less vulnerable to cold.

Planting onion sets in September allows for an early crop the following year.

Waterlogged soil, on the other hand, should be avoided because it increases the danger of disease.

Garlic, while commonly planted in the spring, is also suitable for planting between September and early December.

Garlic planted in the autumn produces larger bulbs than garlic planted earlier in the year.

Cabbage planted in September will most likely be ready to harvest in the spring.

Cabbage seeds are typically grown in pots or seedbeds before being planted in their final location.

The vegetables will be ready to plant in their main growing positions once they have grown about five leaves.

Cabbage can also be sown in October if you’re a little behind schedule.

Gardeners must select a spot of firmly firmed down soil before sowing cabbages.

Turnips can be planted in bare soil in September and grow quickly.

These root vegetables prefer cool, damp environments, which is why they thrive in the fall.

They will also be ready long before spring, unlike many other veggies.

Turnips planted in September are usually ripe in November or December.

Turnips should be irrigated on a regular basis, especially during periods of drought.

Radishes are another fast-growing plant, with veggies planted in September usually ready in a matter of weeks.

They should, however, be sown as early in the month as feasible to ensure a healthy autumn crop.

Radishes are easy to cultivate in the ground, but they can also be grown in grow bags.

To ensure that radishes develop at a healthy rate, the soil should be kept moist.

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