September 2021 Virgo horoscope: What might Virgo expect this month?


September 2021 Virgo horoscope: What might Virgo expect this month?

VIRGO season lasts for a substantial portion of September, so Virgos may expect a busy month. The Virgo September horoscope for 2021 may be found here.

This month, the organized earth sign of Virgo will spend the month recreating themselves, rethinking how they make money, and learning to be more self-assured.

This website spoke with Bex Milford (@cosmic cures on Instagram), an astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer, and creator of the Moon Child Sorority, to learn about the Virgo September horoscope for 2021.

Virgo, you’ve spent the last week basking in the glow of your zodiac sign, and the rest of September will be just like that!

“When the Sun sits in your sign, these fizzing energies of back-to-school enthusiasm resonate with your inner-planner, and you feel immensely empowered,” Bex said.

“If you haven’t already reorganized your life with brand new notepads and sharpened pencils, the New Moon on September 7 will be the catalyst to do so!”

New Moons are a time to make plans for the month ahead and usher in a new mindset, and this one falls in your first house, implying a kind of reinvention.

“It’s a new month, a new Moon, and a new you, Virgo,” Bex remarked.

“Whether you get a haircut, redesign your style in preparation for the change of season, or simply look at the rest of September with a positive attitude and a new viewpoint, this is a moment of transformation as you step onto the stage of your life!

“The spotlight is on you, Virgo, so take use of it!”

According to Bex, the New Moon should offer a surge of confidence and vitality.

“Enjoy putting yourself out there and use the lunar energy to make aspirations that help your own personal development,” the astrologer suggested.

“Keep an eye out for opportunities to take risks, try new things, and meet new people — choosing ‘yes’ during this time might completely transform the tone of the rest of the month for you and lead to some genuinely exciting events.”

On September 15, driven Mars moves from Virgo’s focused, “let’s get it done” Earth energy to Libra’s relaxing breeze.

“Mars in Libra will shift the balance, causing you to become more focused on your finances,” Bex explained.

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