September 2021 horoscope for Pisces: What’s in store for Pisces this month?


September 2021 horoscope for Pisces: What’s in store for Pisces this month?

This month, PISCES will be feeling the love. Here’s what Pisces might expect in September 2021.

This month, Pisces is concentrating on their romantic life, whether they are single or not. This dreamy sign will also be focusing on self-care and figuring out how to become the person they want to be. This website spoke with Bex Milford (@cosmic cures on Instagram), an astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer, and creator of the Moon Child Sorority, to learn about the Pisces September horoscope for 2021.

Pisces, are you ready to put those loving vibes to work for you?

Because the Sun is in your seventh house of partnerships and will be there until September 22, the month begins with an opportunity to connect with your inner romantic.

“This means that the focus is on partnerships and expanding any current ties you have,” Bex explained.

Around September 6 and 7, the New Moon in Virgo gives you the opportunity to reflect about new beginnings in your relationships.

“If you’re currently really happy, it’s a hint that you should take things to the next level, or simply reconnect with your spouse by spending some real quality time together,” Bex explained.

“Are things in your love life or with your partner a little out of whack? It’s time to go back to the beginning.

“What do you hope to get out of a relationship?” What do you require, and how have things altered recently for you?

“Set intentions for what your ideal relationship feels like and how you’re gratified by a companion during this New Moon.

“Do you need to reconnect or talk about how you might improve your energy exchange?

“Starting a conversation is a fantastic approach to start a new chapter.”

If you’re single and want to be with someone, now is the best time to start looking for a soul mate!

“You’re hot to trot, Pisces, because New Moons symbolize new beginnings,” Bex added.

“Get those applications, make some plans, and trust in the power of love.

“First and foremost, make sure you treat yourself with care and respect, and recognize that you are deserving of love!

“This is also an excellent Moon for sadness and wound healing.”

Venus’s entry into Scorpio signifies a desire to travel to new places.

“Whether it’s via going on a trip or being more interested in art from various cultures,” Bex continued, “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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