Season 9 Spoilers: Does Hank Voight Finally Confess to Jay Halstead in Episode 4 of ‘Chicago P.D.’? .


Season 9 Spoilers: Does Hank Voight Finally Confess to Jay Halstead in Episode 4 of ‘Chicago P.D.’? .

In Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episode 4, Jay Halstead continues to have suspicions about Hailey Upton.

Season 9 of Chicago P.D. contains the following spoilers: In a confrontation between Hank Voight and Jay Halstead, the truth is revealed. Jay Halstead’s future with Hailey Upton — and their engagement — has sparked speculation. [Warning: Season 9 of Chicago P.D. contains spoilers for what happens in episode 4 between Jay Halstead, Hailey Upton, and Hank Voight.] Fans have a lot of theories about what will happen in Season 9 Episode 4 of Chicago P.D. So far this season, Hailey Upton and Hank Voight have kept their plan to assassinate Roy a secret between themselves.

In episode 4, however, everything is going to change. Season 9 spoilers for Chicago P.D. include what occurs when Jay Halstead presses Hank Voight for answers. Is Jay Halstead’s romance with Hailey Upton going to last? In Season 9 of ‘Chicago P.D.,’ Jay Halstead senses something is up with Hailey Upton. At the start of the season, Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton announced their engagement.

However, fans of Chicago P.D. Season 9 spoilers know that Upton won’t be able to hold her cool for much longer. Upton shot and murdered Roy in the season 8 finale, the man who shot Kim Burgess twice and left her to die. Hank Voight was the one who got rid of the body, and he and Upton decided to keep quiet about what had truly transpired.

However, Jay Halstead is aware that something is wrong with Upton. Upton can’t sleep in Season 9 Episode 4 of Chicago P.D., and it starts to compromise her personal life and career. While Halstead presses Upton to reveal what’s on her mind, she never does. Instead, she continues to dodge the inquiries, which causes Halstead to become concerned.

Season 9 spoilers for ‘Chicago P.D.’ Hank Voight ultimately tells Jay Halstead the truth in episode 4 of Chicago P.D. Season 9. According to Chicago P.D. Season 9 spoilers, the truth is finally revealed in episode 4.

Jay Halstead flags Hank Voight’s GPS and discovers where he was the night of Kim Burgess’s attack near the end of episode 4. Voight was there again when he arrived. He drove to the place to confront Voight and inquire about Hailey Upton’s whereabouts.

“The night we found Kim, your SUV was out here,” Halstead says. “Did you bring Roy out here that night?” says the narrator. “Did you murder him?” Voight responds with a nod and the word “yes.” Meanwhile, at home, Upton consumes booze directly from the bottle.

“Did Hailey accompany you that night?” Halstead then inquires. “So, here’s some quick Brinkwire Entertainment news.


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