Season 9 of The Blacklist theory: Liz Keene returns to reveal Reddington’s actual identity?


Season 9 of The Blacklist theory: Liz Keene returns to reveal Reddington’s actual identity?

Fans of THE BLACKLIST are wondering if Elizabeth Keene will return for the hit NBC crime drama’s ninth season. Will she, however, return to reveal Red Reddington’s true identity?

For years, The Blacklist has teased viewers regarding the true identity of master criminal Red Reddington (James Spader). After the season eight conclusion of the hit NBC series, viewers wondered if Liz Keene (Megan Boone) would return in the future to reveal Red’s true identity and their connection. While the identity of his true identity remains a secret, a fresh notion suggests that Liz may be the first to learn the truth.

Viewers were looking for answers concerning Red’s identity in The Blacklist’s season eight penultimate episode, Nachalo, in which fans and Liz were eventually given answers.

However, when the episode failed to provide any genuine solutions, the enigma persists.

The NBC series had previously revealed that Red was not who he claimed to be, and viewers ultimately received evidence of this a few seasons back.

Despite her death, some fans have taken to Twitter to speculate whether Liz would return in the upcoming season.

“It would be really good,” one viewer added.

Liz returns, having discovered the truth about Red.

“It would be a fantastic farewell to the show if [she]finally had to kill him to take over his empire,” they continued.

“I mean, if the blacklist has to come to an end, then Red has to die, and Liz has to kill him,” they hypothesized.

“Hope Liz will continue in future season #blacklist,” wrote another admirer.

“At the very least, come back for the final episode of the final series?” observed a third.

Liz’s comeback, however, would be problematic due to her death in the tragic season eight conclusion.

Could she be returning to the program because she has yet to learn Red’s true identity and has gone into hiding to protect herself?

Liz has pretended to die previously to protect her family, so it’s possible she did it again.

Mr Solomon and Liz’s crew were heartbroken when they discovered her “dead” in an ambulance following an emergency c-section in the third season episode.

Mr Solomon was pursuing them while she was giving birth, so a dummy ambulance was dispatched to divert their attention.

Liz, on the other hand, was discovered, and Red blamed himself. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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