Season 7 of Bosch: release date, storylines and everything we know so far


The last case of Harry Bosch is coming up.

The LAPD detective at the core of Amazon’s famous “Bosch” series will soon have his badge turned on.

The forthcoming seventh season of the crime drama will be the series’ last one. When’s Bosch going to be back on screen? Here’s what we know about Bosch season 7 so far.

The start date for season 7 of “Bosch” has not yet been announced.

Bosch debuted in 2014 and is the longest running original series on Amazon.

As they investigate crime and corruption in Los Angeles, the film, based on a series of novels by Michael Connelly, follows Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) and numerous other law enforcement officers.

As early as February 2020, several months before the start of season 6, Amazon confirmed an early renewal of season 7 for Bosch.

It was also announced by the streaming service that season 7 will be the last of the series.

No start date has been confirmed so far for Bosch’s final season. In mid-April, the last seasons of the series were released. It seems likely, though, that viewers will have to wait a little longer than expected for new episodes due to development delays associated with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Fresh and returning cast members for Season 7 of ‘Bosch’

‘Bosch’: Harry Bosch is chasing a terrorist for season 6 in a new trailer, Amazon reveals the launch date

Of course, in the final season of Bosch, Welliver will be back in the title role. Jamie Hector will also return as Jerry Edgar, Bosch’s partner.

Like Lance Reddick as President Irvin Irving and Madison Lintz as Bosch’s daughter Maddie, Amy Aquino will be back as Lt. Grace Billets.

For Season 7, new cast members include Gino Vento and Carlos Miranda, Deadline reports. A character named Mickey will be played by Vento, while Detective Chris Collins will play Miranda.

With Chris Collins.

Based on ‘The Concrete Blonde’ and ‘The Burning Room’ for the next season of ‘Bosch’

Connelly wrote almost two dozen books featuring Harry Bosch as his character. Some of them, including Angels Flight, The Black Echo and Trunk Music, have already been adapted for the series. The Burning Space and The Concrete Blonde will take inspiration from Season 7. (The latter was also a Bosch Season 1 source).

Bosh and his wife will conduct separate murder inquiries in Season 7. One is about high-level white-collar crime, and the other is about drug trafficking on the highway.

Michael Connelly speaks about the ending of ‘Bosch.’

Connelly spoke about the end of Harry Bosch’s tale in an interview with TV Insider published in July and what part the 2020 demonstrations against police violence and racial inequality will play in the final season of the series.

“It’s difficult because we’re already on our way,” he said. “We’ve outlined the season, taking into account the last six or seven years. We want to write toward an ending, and we have that ending. It was set in January, before any of this happened. We are now faced with the question, do we retool? Do we spend the time and money to retool and start over? Or can we do something with what we already have in this final season and change it and tweak it?”

Connelly added that for fear of spoiling upcoming shows, he did not want to give away too many information.

But he did announce that the events of the season will actually take place before George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis.

“I think when this season is done, it will take place before the murder of George Floyd,” he said. “But it will have a reverberation that will last until then. It’s going to be relevant. That’s the best way to put it.”


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