Season 6B Vikings: Fans react on the shocking ending in the Kattegat


After airing its final episodes on Amazon Prime Video before premiering on History, the hit series Vikings has come to an end. Of course, not all viewers are enthusiastic about the results of the major events at the end of the season, and that is definitely the case with the Vikings.

Recently, fans spoke about a surprise ending in the Kattegat. What are they saying?

[Spoiler Alert: This article includes “Vikings” spoilers]]

Ingrid rules as Queen Kattegat

His wives compete to become the Kattegat’s next queen after Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) dies in battle after sacrificing himself to save his country. However, after his escape from Rus, Ingrid (Lucy Martin) and Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars) do not expect King Harald (Peter Franzén) to return. He is planning on marrying both of them, but Gunnhild chooses to die by suicide. She feels she’ll be going to Valhalla to be with Björn. Even though he sexually assaulted her before the first war with the Russians, Ingrid agrees to marry Harald. She’s pregnant now, and it’s unclear if Björn or Harald is the father.

Harald travels with Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) and Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) to Wessex, and a Wessex soldier is killed there. He leaves Kattegat to govern along with Ingrid and Erik the Red (Eric Johnson), but Erik has treacherous plans and wants to rule as king and queen with Ingrid.

In fact, Erik had previously sold Ingrid into slavery, so from the outset, he was considered her enemy.

Ingrid, who turns out to be a witch now, curses Erik and magically causes him to go blind.

Erik attempts to get Ingrid killed by a servant named Orlyg (Tim Creed), but she’s already one step ahead of him.

Another servant, Nissa (Victoire Dauxerre), gets Orlyg to tell her the truth, and she plays both sides, telling him that she will keep Erik away while Orlyg kills Ingrid.

But with a pitchfork, Nissa kills Erik and has already told Ingrid of what’s going on. It turns out that Erik, just as he had done to Ingrid before, had sold Nissa as a slave. She asks him when Orlyg wants to kill Ingrid and he confesses everything. She killed him, and when she learns that Harald and Ivar died in Wessex, she reigns unchallenged with Nissa as her consort as Queen of Kattegat.

Comments from fans on the surprise ending in the Kattegat

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Fans have recently commented on this situation on Reddit. [Spoiler] about Kattegat,”[Spoiler] about Kattegat,” “Is anyone disappointed with how they treated Kattegat? A nobody is a queen there. Of all the legendary warriors….We get Ingrid.”

One fan says they “hate” it, but they believe it was done on purpose.

It was made clear in the series that the Viking Golden Age is no more. At one point, Gunnhild even mentions it.

It would not be possible for the people who come after these iconic figures of the past to live up to these great heroes.

“I hate it, but I’m not disappointed because I feel like it was intentional,” the fan said. “It’s no secret that the Viking era is coming to an end, all the characters we loved are dead or gone, so it makes sense that Kattegat is also losing that sense of familiarity and home for us, and the magic/power of it.

The legendary time is over, and now they will be regular, unworthy people who will never be able to fill the shoes of those who have come before them.

And that’s sad, but for their part, I think it was a deliberate decision.

Another fan would have liked Erik to be made king of Kattegat instead, or Gunnhild to rule, since Kattegat “needed her.” It seemed she wanted to rule as queen until Harald came back and asked her to be his bride.

“Somehow I wish they had redeemed Erik and made him king,” said the fan. “Or I wish Gunnhild had never killed herself…Kattegat needed her.” While another fan thinks Gunnhild “should have been queen.”

One fan thinks Gunnhild was more “deserving” of the role of Queen of Kattegat, and she was certainly Bjorn’s first queen and confidante for years. She already had the expertise of a monarch and her husband’s knowledge of governing.

“Imo, Gunnhild deserved the throne more,” said Fan. “Any other solution would have required the writers to come up with something several seasons ago.”

One of the fans said that they “would love to imagine” Ubbe coming back to take the throne.

But we’ll never know if that’s the case or not, since the series isn’t as


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