Season 6 of Riverdale: Is Reggie and Veronica’s death’sealed’ in a massive fan clue?


Season 6 of Riverdale: Is Reggie and Veronica’s death’sealed’ in a massive fan clue?

RIVERDALE returned to television screens after a dramatic season finale, and fans are hoping for more after a shocking death.

The sixth season of Riverdale started on The CW last week with a significant narrative twist. After a significant death, an astute fan found a major hint that suggests Reggie Mantle (played by Charles Melton) and Victoria Lodge (played by Camila Mendes) could be next.

The second episode returned to Riverdale’s alternate little town of ‘Rivervale,’ where reality had twisted drastically.

Unlike the usual Riverdale settings, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Tabitha Tate’s (Erinn Westbrook) apartment was plagued with insects in the premiere.

Cheryl Blossom (Madeline Petsch) had her own festival, which ended up being Archie Andrews’ last (KJ Apa).

He went to Thorn Hill after winning a slew of competitions, where he was tragically sacrificed by Cheryl, and while this isn’t the first death, supporters feel there will be more.

Riverdale returned with a slew of ghost stories as part of its five-episode event, especially now that people are dropping like flies.

Cheryl informed Archie moments before the death, “A sacrifice must be made,” as she placed a deer antler garland on his head.

She then savagely stabbed him to death before ripping his heart out in front of the town’s residents.

However, Toni Topeza died unexpectedly in the second episode, despite the fact that her death was unrelated to Archie’s.

She descended into the river and into the underworld after fully giving her power to the enigmatic La Llorona.

One fan observed the pattern and proposed an intriguing prediction about what might happen in future episodes.

“Archie died in episode one!” tweeted Twitter user Barchiedaily. Toni appears in the second episode! Reggie or Veronica seem to be the next in line.” “One fatality each episode, one half of every ship,” they added. Is that to say that in the time paradox episode, the ones who are still living will be seeking for the others?” Reggie and Veronica’s relationship was tense in the previous episode, and little appeared to have improved.

Worse, he lied about his location in order to spend time with his new automobile, which he called Isabella after his high school teacher.

After the car’s unexplained arrival, the two got into a fight regarding it and its history.

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