Season 6 of Riverdale has fans convinced of a fresh idea after the premiere twist ‘WTF is going on?’


Season 6 of Riverdale has fans convinced of a fresh idea after the premiere twist ‘WTF is going on?’

The highly awaited sixth season of RIVERDALE has arrived on screens, and fans have already concocted an intriguing theory.

When Riverdale premiered on The CW in 2017, it was an instant sensation, garnering a large following and multiple honors. Although fans were relieved to see the show return sooner than planned, many were taken aback by the opening and attempted to predict how the season will unfold.

Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) and Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) broke up for good in the dramatic season finale.

As a result, he decided to try his luck with Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), and just as things were heating up, they heard a strange ticking sound.

Fans witnessed smoke rising in the distance over what appeared to be Archie’s home, which was a shocking turn of events.

Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos), who buried the bomb beneath Archie’s bed as he left town for good, was responsible for this.

Season six returned, leaving fans with even more doubts as to what will happen to Archie and Betty.

Rivervale, a town that was similar to the ones they were familiar to, was introduced to fans as a new area where residents were performing sacrifices.

The villagers appeared to gather Archie following his alleged death, which shocked viewers.

Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) reached into his chest and pulled out his heart, which she held in her palm for a few seconds before pulsing to the joy of the audience.

Many fans were taken aback by the premiere’s surprise conclusion, like June, who remarked on Twitter, “Wtf in the actual f**k is happening in (hashtag)Rivervale (hashtag)Riverdale.”

“I don’t know what I just watched but that was horrible (hashtag)Riverdale (hashtag)Rivervale,” Alev08 wrote.

However, Archie awoke to inform Betty that he had a dream about a town called “Riverdale” at the start of the episode.

As a result of the coma, fans concocted an intriguing notion about the pair being in a coma and possibly dreaming about Rivervale.

“In reference to tonight’s (hashtag)Riverdale or (hashtag)Rivervale episode, who else thinks Betty andor Archie are in a coma from the explosion and season 6 will take up from them waking up from the coma?” wrote jivy1401 on Twitter.

“After tonight’s show, I’m. “Brinkwire Summary News,” wrote MultiFand0mBabe.


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