Season 6 of Outlander: Claire’s ancestors theory reveals the reality about time travel.


Season 6 of Outlander: Claire’s ancestors theory reveals the reality about time travel.

OUTLANDER fans have come up with a compelling new idea that could finally explain some of the series’ most perplexing secrets.

Claire Randall’s (Caitrona Balfe) life is flipped upside down when she is transported more than a century back in time and marries Jamie Fraser, a Scottish highlander (Sam Heughan). Outlander fans may have finally uncovered the truth behind Claire Fraser’s time-bending voyage, which begins off the famous Starz series.

Some fans believe Claire’s forebears may hold the key to unlocking some of Outlander’s biggest mysteries.

Diana Gabaldon’s original series of novels, which began in 1991, is currently telling the entire story.

The ninth novel in the series, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone, will be released later this year after a six-year wait.

Because the epic is slated to end after 10 volumes, fans are anticipating for some big surprises in the final two installments.

Meanwhile, committed fans have been researching both the original series and its television version for clues as to why Claire took that first leap through Craigh Na Dun.

After recalling Claire’s uncle’s modest but significant part in Outlander’s first season, one astute fan recently turned to Reddit with an exciting new suggestion.

“I was thinking about Claire’s uncle and how he was an archeologist,” user bdx11 wrote.

“Perhaps he and Claire’s father carried the gene and passed it on to her?”

Claire’s power to travel back in time using the magical stones, as shown throughout the series, is a rare ability held by only a few characters.

Furthermore, the fact that her daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), can travel shows that the ability is hereditary and may be passed down through generations.

Claire’s parents, Henry and Julia Beauchamp, were murdered in a car accident when she was five years old, therefore much of her past is unknown.

However, viewers have met her uncle, Quentin Beauchamp (Prentis Hancock), an archaeologist and adventurer who made a brief appearance in the show’s first season.


Could Quentin’s interest in history be the key to solving the riddle that fans have been searching for?

Claire’s time-traveling gene, according to this observer, may also have a spiritual tie to her destination in 18th century Scotland.

They went on to say, “Perhaps that gene is what creates you.” Brinkwire Summary News


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