Season 6 of Better Call Saul has been released, and the EP gives a depressing update on the series.


Season 6 of Better Call Saul has been released, and the EP gives a depressing update on the series.

BETTER PHONE CALL The sixth season of SAUL is presently in production, but executive producer Thomas Schnauz is unsure when the next episodes will be broadcast.

Last year, the Breaking Bad spin-off released its fifth installment, and fans are eagerly anticipating Bob Odenkirk’s return as unscrupulous lawyer Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman. Better Call Saul executive producer Thomas Schnauz recently provided more facts about the upcoming season on AMC, but stated that there is still no word on when the show will air.

The debut date for Better Call Saul’s sixth and final season has yet to be announced by AMC.

The network has promised viewers that the Breaking Bad prequel will premiere in early 2022, but no exact date has been set.

Thomas Schnauz, the series’ executive producer and writer, recently spoke with Den of Geek about the upcoming finale of the critically acclaimed crime thriller.

Despite the fact that filming for Season 6 is going well, Schnuaz acknowledged he has no idea when the next episodes would be released.

DoG also wondered if the show could be broken into two parts due to recent health issues with its star, Bob Odenkirk.

The writer replied, “I don’t know,” and was unable to provide any specific responses.

“I have no idea when or how the episodes will be aired because of the COVID delays and then Bob’s heart attack and recovery.”

In late July, Odenkirk fainted on the show’s New Mexico set and was taken to the hospital with what he described as a “small heart attack.”

He then promised his followers that, 11 days later, he was well on his path to recovery and would be back on set very soon.

Filming has finally resumed, but the delays have cast doubt on the anticipated release date for the next season.

“Everything with production is progressing forward, steady but slowly,” Schnauz continued.

“Right now, we’re filming scenes that don’t involve Bob.”


Viewers are now hoping that Odenkirk will return to the series in the coming weeks to wrap up Jimmy’s pre-Breaking Bad adventures.

Despite the fact that Better Call Saul’s leading man isn’t in front of the camera, the producer has stated that production on the 13-episode season is doing well.

“I recently finished editing episode 607’s director’s cut, and I rectified a few issues.

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