Season 6 Episode 1 Fan Reaction: ‘Bull’ Season 6 Episode 1 Fan Reaction: CBS legal drama is ‘tense’ and ‘thought-provoking.’


A certain section of fans felt the episode missed Benny Colon’s (Freddy Rodriguez) charm

Spoilers for ‘Bull’ Season 6 Episode 1 ‘Gone’

Season 6 of ‘Bull’ was off to a solid start and as it saw Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) and his Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) team search for his kidnapped child. ‘Gone’ sees Astrid being nabbed by the mother of Bull’s former patient who dies and she blames the genius doctor for the loss of her son.

The episode also misses Freddy Rodgriguez’s charismatic presence, but in introducing Astrid as the main figure in the season opener, it is evident that the show will come up with strong storylines to compensate for the actor’s absence and hope for the cast to dish out scintillating performances by the episode. Twitter shared its thoughts on the episode as well. There were positive reviews to start with. “#[email protected]@M_Weatherly Absolutely phenomenal season premiere of Bull tonight with Ep.1, Gone! On the edge of my seat the entire hour. Loved it!” read one of the tweets. This was seconded by another who wrote: “The best #BullCBS episode ever. Intense, heartbreaking, and beautiful! #Bull #KleenexAlert.”

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Some felt Benny’s absence was the missing flavor. “How and why would Benny be written off the show? Totally disappointed #Bull with @BullCBS Benny was awesome, his voice, his demeanor, his overall character was transformational. Need him back!” a fan remarked. “Ehhh……..I wasn’t really into this episode. Im so used to watching court cases on this show that I felt like this one was dragging. Not to mention, finding out that Benny was written off the show. 7/10 #Bull,” another fan opined.

Barring the odd mixed opinions, a major chunk of the audience appeared to have enjoyed the season opener. “Rollercoaster of a night. nice job y’all #Bull also appreciated the glasses-less Bull. Brought back some DiNozzo memories… @M_Weatherly” a fan tweeted. “I’ll send y’all the bill from my cardiologist tomorrow! Seriously though, the episode was intense, well written, thought provoking and excellent! #BULL,” read one of the comments. “Thank you for not making this a cliffhanger episode. This was tense enough! #Bull” another fan said.

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