Season 5 ‘This Is Us’: Justin Hartley describes Kevin’s concerns about Madison


Fans of This Is Us do not deny the complicated romance of Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Madison (Caitlin Thompson).

After a series of unusual incidents, the couple got married. It looks like they’re beginning to fall for each other now.

But would that be a happy ending? Recently, Hartley revealed that his friendship with Madison frightens Kevin – here’s why and what to expect when the NBC drama comes back.

How did Kevin and Madison end up collaborating on “This Is Us?” together?

‘This Is Us’: Sterling K. did.

Is Brown just dropping a hint about the fate of Kevin and Madison?

Kevin and Madison got together in Season 4 of ‘This Is Us’.

Madison announced a few episodes later that she is pregnant with twins.

Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) best friend told Kevin at first that she wanted to raise the children by herself. Kevin, however, said he was all in.

In season 5 of This Is Us, Kevin and Madison ended up quarantined together during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

They also began sleeping together during this period.

Kevin then secretly proposed to his children’s future girlfriend, calling Madison his fiancée right in front of Kate.

Justin Hartley on ‘This Is Us’ opens up about Kevin’s friendship with Madison

‘This Is Us’: In the future, where are Kate and Madison? For two friends, fans expect a catastrophic ending

Although the beginning of Season 5 of ‘This Is Us’ seemed to suggest that Kevin and Madison were heading for their happy ending, it seems that in the future there will be some barriers. In December 2020, speaking to TVLine, Hartley revealed that Kevin feels a lot of “anxiety” about his relationship with Madison, especially if things do not work out.

I think that uncertainty shows up in the fear of Kevin.

The apprehension that it will not work out,’ said Hartley. “I mean, what if they can’t coexist and be this cohesive unit that comes together and raises these kids, and he only sees them [on]the weekends? There are all these things. Probably those are the things that keep Kevin up at night.”

“In the last episode, the actor continued, “That’s what he said. He sits there and looks at the ceiling and worries.

“All this concern comes from fear, fear that it’s not going to work at all and that he’s trying to force something. I’ve said this before, “You just can’t force love. It doesn’t work at all.

What was your favorite moment so far from Season 5? This Is Us (@NBCThisisUs) December 13, 2020 Hartley also found out that Madison wants to date Kevin. The twins, however, complicate the relationship as Kevin wants to live up to his Jack picture (Milo Ventimiglia), which may lead to more issues.

“This belief that he needs to be what his father knew he should be has shackled him his entire life,” the actor said. “Because it’s been so short, Kevin doesn’t allow himself the breaks he would have to have. He’s not giving himself any breaks…. And then, in still more pain, he finds himself.

It’s that he puts a lot of stress and pressure on himself,”It’s that he puts a lot of stress and pressure on himself, and that can sometimes cause the balloon to pop, so to speak.”and that can sometimes, so to speak, cause the balloon to pop.

‘This Is Us’ team reveals what to expect in Season 5 from Kevin and Madison

Justin Hartley discusses why Kevin and Madison make a good couple:’ This Is Us’

Well, the remarks from Hartley about Madison and Kevin shouldn’t come as a surprise to many fans of ‘This Is Us’. When NBC premiered the fifth season, series creator Dan Fogelman indicated that the pair wouldn’t get a simple love story.

Fogelman told Deadline in October 2020, “It’s not going to be this simple love story like some of our other love stories have been.” There’s passion and chemistry there.

But they still just don’t know each other. But it’s fair to say that they have a journey of ups and downs ahead of them.

Executive producer Elizabeth Berger explained what viewers should expect from Madison and Kevin in upcoming episodes in advance of This Is Us season 5 episode 5 on Jan. 5.

“They fell into this very serious relationship very quickly when she got pregnant and then was thrown into a life together through quarantine,” Berger told Entertainment Weekly. “So we’ll see how they navigate through their relationship and still work to figure out how it all works and how they fit together and what the future looks like for the two of them.”


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