Season 5 of Yellowstone has been confirmed: When will Season 5 be released? We only know what we know.


Season 5 of Yellowstone has been confirmed: When will Season 5 be released? We only know what we know.

Yellowstone’s fifth season has been confirmed: When is Season 5 going to be released? We can only know what we already know.

The fourth season of YELLOWSTONE is planned to launch in Autumn 2021, and fans are looking forward to it. The star of Rip Wheeler, Cole Hauser, has already provided an update on season 5.

Yellowstone is one of the most popular shows on the Paramount Network, with fans eagerly expecting the long-awaited debut of season four. However, there was an update on season five before the release of season four, which effectively confirmed the fifth season’s production. When will Season 5 be released, though?

The wait for season four has put Yellowstone fans to the test, with Paramount only recently releasing an update on when the current season will be released.

There’s still time, as the broadcaster has confirmed that the film will be released in the autumn of 2021, albeit no exact date has been given.

Over the course of three seasons, the show has increased in popularity, becoming one of Paramount’s most successful series.

With that in mind, many fans will be overjoyed to learn that season five is already in the works, months before the release of season four.

In a recent interview with Kathryn Hall on her YouTube channel, Cole Hauser, star of Rip Wheeler, shared the wonderful news with fans.

Filming for Season 4 has officially completed, and the season is currently in post-production.

When asked when filming on season five will resume, Hauser said, “I mean Taylor [Sheridan] is working on it right now.”

“I expect we’ll be back in July,” Hauser added, “and I’m looking forward to seeing Montana again.”

Season four has already been delayed owing to the coronavirus pandemic and reshoots, so this would put the show back on track to fulfill its original release date.

Hauser also hinted at what viewers might expect in season four, suggesting that they would not be disappointed with the ending.

“Season five is going to be fantastic,” Hauser continued, “but because of how we concluded season four, I can’t give too much away.”

“However, considering the way season four concludes, I feel the audience… will be pleasantly delighted with a number of things.”

According to co-creator Taylor Sheridan, the program could be canceled after six seasons.

After the season three finale aired, Sheridan sat down with Deadline to talk about it. “Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.”


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