Season 5 of ‘Search Party’ is linked to a slew of cults, including NXIVM.


Season 5 of ‘Search Party’ is linked to a slew of dangerous cults, including NXIVM.

This article contains minor Search Party Season 5 spoilers.

The conclusion of Search Party has arrived, and it truly is a full circle.

It could be the most bizarre season ever.

Dory finds “enlightenment” that she needs to share with the world after she escapes Chip’s psychological torture from Season 4.

Her dedication and narcissism lead to the formation of a cult as she becomes obsessed with this delusion.

Due to two documentary series — The Vow on HBO and Seduced on Starz — the world was engulfed by a popular cult known as NXIVM just over a year ago, at the end of 2020.

Many Search Party fans wonder if Dory’s Season 5 cult is based on NXIVM, despite the fact that thousands of cults have existed throughout history.

Dory thinks she’s enlightened because she was dead for 37 seconds.

Dory (and her future followers) believe that the world will end as a result of this version of “enlightenment.”

She’s also the only one who sees the world’s impending destruction (and the only one who can save humanity).

While Dory’s friends initially believe she is insane, her way of speaking causes many people to fall under her spell.

Dory’s asylum doctor, then hundreds of thousands of social media followers, and finally her friends all believe in Dory’s awakening.

Dory becomes obsessed with creating a pill that will enlighten the entire world, with the help of tech CEO Tunnel Quinn (Jeff Goldblum), a clear nod to Jeff Bezos.

Tunnel only wants to profit from Dory’s influence by selling enlightenment, but Dory and her followers are true believers in “the cause.”

In many ways, this is a one-of-a-kind cult, though many cults, such as Heaven’s Gate, combine spiritual enlightenment with the threat of apocalypse.

Co-creators Charles Rogers and Sarah Violet-Bliss, on the other hand, were inspired by cult documentaries.

“This season has a cult element,” Charles explained to Deadline, “so we looked at cult documentaries, movies, and shows.”

Despite a few nods to NXIVM, Dory’s cult in Search Party Season 5 is its own entity.

Dory’s gaze, like that of Keith Raniere and many other lesser-known cult leaders, has a hypnotic effect on her followers, who easily fall under her spell.

She is capable…

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