Season 5 of SEAL Crew will see Jason and his team battle it out on home turf, with fans predicting a family twist.


Season 5 of SEAL Crew will see Jason and his team battle it out on home turf, with fans predicting a family twist.

Fans of the SEAL Team are eagerly anticipating the beginning of season 5, which will feature a confrontation on home turf.

The elite Navy SEAL unit, led by Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), is charged with taking on perilous and life-threatening operations all around the world. Many fans of the military drama have seen them fight in conflicts in ravaged countries, and some have speculated that season five of the CBS series will see them fight on their own turf.

SEAL Team members are devoted to their fellow warriors and their mission.

They were frequently dispatched at a moments notice, compelling them to drop whatever they were doing, in addition to the hazards they confront on a mission.

This frequently generated conflict and hardship with their loved ones, who did not comprehend the members’ unrelenting commitment to their jobs.

Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes once declared that defending and protecting his country is his responsibility.

Fans have come up with a hypothesis to counteract the usual problems troops have with their loved ones over their jobs.

“I hope there’s some form of ‘at home’ combat or something in the future season,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“If it’s a mass shooter, and several of the guys and their families are present, and we have to go all SEAL mode to defend them, or one of them has cartel hitmen following him, or something,” they explained.

This viewer believed that allowing their families to see their warriors at work would help them understand why they were so committed to their jobs.

“I think that’s a very nice idea, especially if it’s a family day out or something,” another admirer concurred.

They added, “Seeing Jason and/or Soto take command, or everyone, and fix the situation.”

“I also thought a nice episode could be if there was some sort of hostage crisis in the US and the squad was deployed to advise the FBI Hostage Rescue Team,” another person said.

This allowed family members to comprehend the various perils that soldiers face in the service of their country.

SEAL Team fans also said that the show should learn from another crime drama, The Unit, which dealt with comparable military challenges.

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