Season 5 of Queen of the South: Netflix provides a sad update on the final season’s arrival.


Season 5 of Queen of the South: Netflix provides a sad update on the final season’s arrival.

Fans of QUEEN OF THE SOUTH around the world have been frustrated yet again as the crime drama’s latest season has yet to be released on Netflix.

The iconic USA Network cartel series’ fifth and final installment aired in June of this year. International Queen of the South fans, on the other hand, are still waiting for the remaining 10 episodes to be released, and Netflix’s recent update has unhappily not instilled confidence in a release date any time soon.

The fifth season of Queen of the South will not be available to streamers in August, according to Netflix.

Some fans were waiting for the latest episodes to be released this summer, as previous seasons’ finales have aired around this time.

Unfortunately, non-American viewers will have to wait at least another month for the final season to be released.

Previous installments have taken around a year to arrive on Netflix after airing on the USA Network.

However, script supervisor Barry Caldwell’s comments suggested that the last season of Queen of the South would be made available to overseas fans sooner rather than later.

In a Facebook post, he stated, “We have no idea about Netflix and non-US broadcast TV.”

“In the first four seasons, we debuted on Netflix a year after the show aired on television. Normally, the Netflix launch would be in April 2022.”

“HOWEVER,” he added. “We’re attempting to get it pulled up as soon as possible. At the moment, this is all we know.”

Season five had already been plagued by major delays in the aftermath of the first coronavirus epidemic last year, and fans had hoped for some good news.

With Netflix’s revised calendar for August 2021, it seems increasingly likely that viewers outside of the United States will have to wait another year.

Subscribers have already taken to Twitter in droves to express their dissatisfaction at Season 5’s absence from the popular streaming service.

“Wait, is there a season 5 for Queen of the South?” one viewer said. It’s only available on Netflix until the fourth season.”


“Yes, Season 5 is the Final Season, and I’ve already watched all 10 Episodes, you guys on Netflix will see Season 5 in 2023,” another responded.

“Don’t even know why I still.” Brinkwire Summary News,” they wrote after sending many laughing emojis.


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