Season 5 of Money Heist: The Professor’s destiny is “determined,” as the producer teases a spin-off


Season 5 of Money Heist: The Professor’s destiny is “determined,” as the producer teases a spin-off

The heads of MONEY HEIST have hinted that things are looking great for a follow-up series, but there are certain stipulations.

Later this year, the fifth season of Money Heist will bring El Professor (played by lvaro Morte) and his crew’s adventures to a climactic finale. Fans, on the other hand, are still clamoring for a sequel or spin-off to the Spanish Netflix phenomenon, which may or may not happen in the future.

Lex Pina, the showrunner, and Jess Colmenar, the director, have hinted that a spin-off set in the setting of Money Heist could be in the works.

With its fifth season, the show will come to an end, with the first half of the episodes arriving on Netflix in September and the second half in December.

However, the Spanish crime thriller has become one of the most popular shows on the streaming site in recent years, and fans are still yearning for more.

Following requests for a spin-off series focusing on lvaro Morte’s criminal mastermind El Professor, series director Jess Colmenar stated why he is reticent to do so.

During a recent virtual set visit via, he inquired, “Would I do a spin-off of The Professor?”

“Perhaps, but Money Heist already has it. I mean, his story, his motivations, his why… will all be told in Money Heist.”

Colmenar then intimated that a follow-up series focusing on one of the show’s more peripheral characters might be more appealing to him.

“Spin-offs for a really minor character who gets a lot of attention work, and you can make a new series based on their story,” he concluded.

His hesitancy to commit to an El Professor spin-off could possibly be a reflection of rumors swirling about the next season.

Many fans predict that the cunning bank robber would be killed off in season five, therefore a spin-off would have to take place before the main events of Money Heist.

If rumors are correct, a second series centered on characters like Rio (Miguel Herrán), Tokyo (rsula Corberó), or even Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) may be more likely.

However, as Colmenar pointed out, the majority of the supporting cast’s backstories have already been revealed through flashbacks throughout the series.


The upcoming season will also tell more about the show’s narrator, Tokyo, before she hooked up with El Professor, according to set photos and casting details.

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