Season 5 of Money Heist: Rio’s death is’sealed,’ with a clue from Tokyo’s ex-boyfriend fueling fan speculation.


Season 5 of Money Heist: Rio’s death is’sealed,’ with a clue from Tokyo’s ex-boyfriend fueling fan speculation.

As more of the thieves’ terrible backstories are exposed in the last episodes of MONEY HEIST season five, several significant characters may die.

The first five episodes of the last installment of Money Heist will be released next month. Season five of the Spanish Netflix blockbuster could bring the plot to a sad finish, with the Professor (played by lvaro Morte) and his squad backed into a corner.

In the latest trailer for Money Heist season five, viewers believe Rio (Miguel Herrán) is about to die.

The first part of the final installment of the Spanish crime drama will be released next month, and fans can expect to bid farewell to some of their favorite characters.

Only Tokyo (rsula Corberó) appears to be safe thus far, as she continues to narrate the events from an unknown location after the heist.

Unfortunately, her current boyfriend Rio does not have the same safety net, as shown in a dramatic scene in the new trailer.

Some fans believe that the shot of Rio screaming through a hole in the wall may be one of the series’ closing scenes.

One Reddit user recently speculated on a possible scene between the two robbers in a season five finale scene.

“In the trailer, you can see a moment when Rio hangs in a hole in the bank and is screaming,” user Present Contact 2185 wrote.

“Perhaps he’s plummeting down this hole to another floor; it’s possible he’ll be knocked out or die in this scene.”

The precise episode from which the dramatic passage was stolen is unknown, but the show’s midseason finale might very possibly end with yet another surprise death.

The Professor’s squad is still mourning the loss of Nairobi (Alba Flores), but the Bank of Spain theft may need the deaths of additional criminals.

This notion also suggested that Tokyo’s late ex-boyfriend, played by newcomer Miguel ngel Silvestre, will play a significant role in the finale.

“Tokyo will say something along the lines of, ‘I don’t want to lose you the way I lost him,’” the message added.


“After that, you’ll witness a flashback of her and her ex-boyfriend, as well as the heist in which her ex-boyfriend died.”

In the latest trailer, Silvestre just appears for a few seconds. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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