Season 5 of Money Heist features a first peek at a new series in which a Berlin celebrity offers a warning to Tokyo.


Season 5 of Money Heist features a first peek at a new series in which a Berlin celebrity offers a warning to Tokyo.

Pedro Alonso, star of MONEY HEIST, gave fans a tour of the set of the upcoming season of the show, which will premiere on Netflix next month.

This September, the fifth and last season of the Spanish television series Money Heist will be released. Meanwhile, series regular Pedro Alonso has taken a behind-the-scenes look at the global Netflix success to offer his co-stars a pep talk.

Pedro Alonso has issued a strong warning to his Money Heist co-stars to refrain from causing damage to the set of the successful Netflix crime drama.

Despite the fact that his character Berlin was killed off at the end of the second season, the Spanish actor came to set to meet the rest of the cast in a brand new behind-the-scenes look at the current season.

In numerous flashback scenes, Berlin, a professional and highly adept cat thief who teams up with criminal mastermind The Professor (played by lvaro Morte), will return for season five.

Alonso gave fans a tour of the inside set used in the most recent seasons of Money Heist before revealing more about his prior crimes later this year.

He stated that his presence has been a bother to some of the actors and crew during the years of the show’s production.

“Some people have advised me: don’t talk loud, don’t come in,” Alonso said to the cameras.

“This is a life goal for me. If they say I can’t go somewhere, I go anyway.”

Pedro Alonso stops one of his co-stars at one point to warn her about her on-set behavior.

Before gatecrashing co-star rsula Corberó’s private season five photoshoot, the Spanish star told the cameras, “This is unlawful.”

He then went on to accuse Corberó and the rest of the Professor’s crew of causing damage to the show’s locations while he was away.

He said, “Didn’t I tell you?” “These people put forth a lot of effort. Please don’t shatter all the sets.”

“What a man, huh?” Corberó exclaimed as he turned to the cameras.


Corberó, clad in the robber’s distinctive red jumpsuit, points at Alonso’s finery and says, “He comes here all dressed up, huh?”

As Alonso doubled back on his charges of his co-stars’ bad behavior, fans of the show were in stitches.

“These are the ones who are to responsible for everything,” he said. That it isn’t nice and clean.”

After that, the actor said to Denver. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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