Season 4 of Yellowstone: The real reason Evelyn despises Beth is revealed in a spin-off clue.


Season 4 of Yellowstone: The real reason Evelyn despises Beth is revealed in a spin-off clue.

YELLOWSTONE enthusiasts believe that the planned spin-off Y:1883 will shed some insight on the Dutton family’s turbulent background.

The fourth season of Yellowstone is well underway, and viewers are still in the dark about Beth Dutton’s (Kelly Reilly) fate following last year’s shocking finale. Meanwhile, a fresh notion may finally shed light on one of the Paramount series’ most vexing family secrets.

One astute Yellowstone fan believes they’ve figured out why Beth’s mother Evelyn Dutton (Gretchen Mol) was so cruel to her in the show’s flashbacks.

Evelyn has made a few cameo appearances in the series as the cold-hearted mother of her and John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) sole child.

However, because John’s wife was crushed to death by her horse in a terrible accident in 1997, her appearances have been limited to flashbacks.

Her little but significant part in the modern Western drama has consistently shown her as severe and rude toward adolescent Beth (Kylie Rogers).

Fans will have to wait to see whether any additional flashbacks disclose more about their tumultuous relationship, but a new idea suggests that the next Yellowstone prequel may potentially offer more.

Y:1883 will launch on December 19, around halfway through the fourth season of the mainline series, and will star Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as the original Duttons.

The genesis story of the family, according to a recent Reddit remark, could provide some crucial background information for Evelyn and Beth’s conflict.

“Why does she detest Beth?” user klaise1 wondered in a homage to Mol’s portrayal in the series. “Is it because she despises herself?”

Massive Safe 3220, another Redditor, said in the comments, “She’s simply jealous.”

“As you can see, her family is from Salem in the 1883 script…

That Salem, for example.

“She is essentially a witch with the ability to look into the future. Because she knows Beth will end up with Rip, she treats Beth with such contempt.”

Due to the lack of information regarding the new series, this fan’s assertions that the Duttons were originally from Salem, the site of the infamous witch trials, are now unconfirmed.


Nonetheless, their theory may provide some useful insight into Evelyn’s hate of her own child.

They went on to say that Y:1883 could be able to reveal some of the show’s underlying symbolism behind the Duttons’ tumultuous relationships.

They continued, ranch manager Rip Wheeler (Cole. “Brinkwire Summary News”), in contrast to the Duttons’ Salem background.


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