Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’: Jefferson White Issues a Warning to Newcomer Finn Little About Joining the Cast


Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’: Jefferson White Issues a Warning to Newcomer Finn Little About Joining the Cast


Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’ will see a slew of new characters arrive at the Dutton Ranch.

Jefferson White, who will play Carter, had a really amusing warning for his new co-star Finn Little.

Before joining ‘Yellowstone’ for season 4, Finn Little had a very respectable resume.

Season 4 of Yellowstone will introduce a few new characters to the Dutton Ranch.

Over the summer, Taylor Sheridan’s western announced a cast shake-up that includes Finn Little as a series regular named Carter.

The Yellowstone Instagram feed released an introductory video titled “Meet Carter” before of the much anticipated premiere.

In the comments, star Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom) issued a humorous caution to the young actor.

Carter appears on the Dutton Ranch in season 4 of ‘Yellowstone.’

Yellowstone announced the addition of four more cast members in early July.

Three characters will return, including Caroline Warner, the CEO of Market Equities, played by Jacki Weaver.

Summer Higgins, a political activist and demonstrator from Portland, is also played by Piper Perabo.

Kathryn Kelly, a Nashville alum, will play Emily, a vet tech on the show.

Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’ gets a new look from the inside. ‘Everybody’s Gonna Get F***ed Up,’ says Cole Hauser. Little will be a series regular, according to a casting announcement obtained by Deadline.

The adolescent “reminds me of a young Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser)” whom the Duttons adopted as a teen.

“Beth determines the ranch is the greatest place to teach the youth how to be a man” when Carter arrives.

Was Beth Dutton’s fate unwittingly confirmed by Finn Little’s casting announcement?

Season 4 secrets have been guarded with great care by Yellowstone.

Fans will recall that in the season 3 finale, John (Kevin Costner), Beth (Kelly Reilly), and Kayce (Luke Grimes) Dutton were attacked and had to battle for their lives.

Taylor Sheridan’s western has been trying to persuade fans that at least one Dutton didn’t make it out alive in the year since the finale aired. There have been no interviews with Costner, Reilly, or Grimes about the new season.

And there hasn’t been any new video of their characters in any of the promotional pieces.

However, it appears that they made a mistake when they indicated that “Beth determines” that Carter should stay on the ranch in Little’s casting announcement.

Jefferson White sends his new ‘Yellowstone’ co-star a humorous caution.

When the Yellowstone Instagram page shared their “Meet Carter” video, they… Brinkwire Entertainment quick update.


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