Season 4 of Yellowstone: Dutton Ranch’s nefarious background is revealed as the new cast delves into the fuel theory


Season 4 of Yellowstone: Dutton Ranch’s nefarious background is revealed as the new cast delves into the fuel theory

The fourth season of YELLOWSTONE is set to premiere later this year, and the latest casting news has given us a glimpse into what’s ahead for Dutton Ranch.

There are plenty of skeletons in the Yellowstone ranch’s closet that have yet to be discovered. When the riveting Paramount thriller returns, with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) on the verge of death and his land more vulnerable than ever, a new threat could be about to blow its secrets wide open.

In the upcoming season of Yellowstone, newcomer Piper Perabo could be yet another opponent for John Dutton and his property.

When Paramount announced that season four would premiere in the autumn, Perabo and Jacki Weaver were revealed to be joining the ensemble.

Meanwhile, Jamie Dutton’s biological father (Wes Bentley) will return as a series regular, with guest performer Will Patton reprising his role as Garrett Randall.

Summer Higgins, played by Perabo, is expected to cause a lot of difficulty for John and the bunkhouse next season, which is already facing attacks from all sides.

The actress will portray a “protester from Portland who is against the state-funded police force that supports industrialized farming and animal slaughter,” according to the press release.

Perabo’s presence might upend the many systems that give the Duttons the ability to utilize the ranch as they like, as they employ their immense political clout to defend their landholdings.

If the demonstrations gather pace, the Yellowstone will be scrutinized far more than it is now, and it may be forced to reveal some of its darkest secrets.

Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), for example, is entrusted with transporting undesirables and trespassers to the ‘train station,’ where they are quickly slaughtered and disposed of.

Summer may compel the police to reassess their stance on the ranch’s protection, exposing the Yellowstone to greater inquiries into its more nefarious activities.

In their most recent run-down on Yellowstone’s forthcoming season, media blog Cartermatt hypothesized as much.

“While she isn’t a Big Bad by any means, we do question if she could draw undue attention to the ranch,” they wrote.

“Or, at the very least, be utilized by Market Equities in order to gain attention for her cause.”


The unwanted attention could coincide with the attacks on John, Beth (Kelly Reilly), and Kayce (Luke Grimes) at the end of season three, which could be disastrous.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” for example.


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