Season 4 of Virgin River: Is it Mel Monroe’s baby, not Jack’s, as the star teases a dramatic twist?


Season 4 of Virgin River: Is it Mel Monroe’s baby, not Jack’s, as the star teases a dramatic twist?

After a dramatic cliffhanger set up an emotional fourth season, VIRGIN RIVER star Alexandra Breckenridge urged viewers not to expect the series to completely match up with Robyn Carr’s original books.

Netflix has yet to confirm a new Virgin River installment, but the indicators are good when Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) confirmed she was pregnant in yet another shocking twist for the romance drama. The series’ protagonist recently offered more details about the next narrative, hinting that not everything with the new baby is as it seems.

Following some ambiguous words from the show’s star, Mel Monroe may be having a baby with someone other than her small town beau Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson).

Following the shocking discovery at the end of season three, another installment of Virgin River is expected to be released on Netflix soon.

Mel began the IVF process using her late husband’s embryos without Jack’s knowledge during the couple’s brief break-up.

However, the pair quickly reconciled, and viewers are still wondering whether the process was successful or whether Jack is the biological father.

Breckenridge recently told Us Weekly that she knows the father’s identity but that she is unable to divulge it at this time.

She also stated that she would ‘love to see Mel become a mother,’ implying that the baby could arrive as early as the fourth season.

“With her past, her fertility troubles, and having a stillborn kid at such a late point in pregnancy, you just don’t know if she’ll be able to,” the actress said.

Hopefully, Mel will be able to carry her pregnancy to term, and she and Jack will be welcoming their new family member in the coming episodes.

Mel and Jack have a kid named David in Robyn Carr’s series of novels, which will be familiar to Virgin River fans.

Even said, as the television adaption proceeds, showrunner Sue Tenney will not always stick to the original tale.

“She does in the books,” Breckenridge added, “but a lot of things are different in the series than they are in the books.”

“However, I’d like to follow her motherhood journey.”


In season four, there will undoubtedly be a new addition to the community, although the identity of Mel’s child’s father may alter. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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