Season 4 of Sea of Thieves release date, timing, server outage, and update PATCH NOTES.


Season 4 of Sea of Thieves release date, timing, server outage, and update PATCH NOTES.

As the new season of content prepares to launch on Xbox and PC, MICROSOFT will take Sea of Thieves down for crucial server maintenance.

Season 4 of Sea of Thieves is about to launch on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

The next Sea of Thieves season will be released on consoles and PC on September 23.

Fans can expect new quests, challenges, rewards, and locales to explore as part of the new season.

Unfortunately, the new season will be preceded by a server outage that will begin at 10 a.m. BST in the United Kingdom.

Rare, the creator of Sea of Thieves, revealed the news alongside a preview of what fans may expect from the forthcoming season.

“Wait a minute, pirates! The Sea of Thieves servers will be down from 10 a.m. BST tomorrow, Thursday, March 23rd, to allow for the opening of the way to the Sunken Kingdom and the start of a new Season.”

The option to explore the Sunken Kingdom, where pirates might find treasure, is the most notable new feature.

Six distinct shrines exist in the Sunken Kingdom, each with its own creatures and treasures.

The official description states, “The Sunken Kingdom has awoken, and players can now dive deep to learn the secrets of six unique siren temples, or claim riches from dangerous treasuries far below the waters.”

“Each siren shrine presents its own set of obstacles and hazards, as well as lots of loot for brave crews that can decipher the mysteries within.”

Treasures can be exchanged for large sums of money at the Pirate Emporium, but you must avoid colliding with other pirates.

Players will need to stash boxes at Merfolk statues in order to return their wealth to their ship. When you reach the surface, you can retrieve these.

For a deeper look at the new features, watch the Sea of Thieves Season 4 trailer below.

While the locations of shrines have been noted on the map, players will need to check for a shimmer to find the exact place.

According to Rare, the new season will also have a fresh new Battle Pass, which will include 100 free awards.

The Cursed Adventurer Cutlass, as well as a brand new spyglass, are two other distinct new equipment.

The Plunder Pass, which may be purchased separately, comprises 11 items, including a variety of eerie skins.


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