Season 4 of ‘Ready to Love’: 5 Things to Know About OWN’s Dating Show


Season 4 of ‘Ready to Love’: 5 Things to Know About OWN’s Dating Show

The reality dating program is a mash-up of new friendships, common hobbies, and potential future soulmates.

This autumn season, ‘Ready to Love’ is expected to make a comeback. The premiere date for Season 4 of the popular dating show has been revealed by OWN. The next season’s backdrop will be Washington, DC, and 20 singles will be on the quest for love.

With romance, drama, and everything in between, show host Nephew Tommy travels to Washington, DC, to bring together 20 of ‘Chocolate City’s’ finest Black singles (10 men and women each) in the hopes of finding true love. Surprising curveballs, such as surprise singles added to the mix and double eliminations, are sure to be thrown at the participants throughout the next season. These singles will be put to the test in every way conceivable, from mingling at the mansion to sitting back for a relaxing pool party to meeting each other’s families and exes.

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When will ‘Ready to Love’ be released, and where will you be able to see it?

Season 4 of ‘Ready to Love’ (2C) premieres on OWN on Friday, October 15, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, with two one-hour episodes airing back-to-back.

What is the story behind ‘Ready to Love’?

The new batch of hopeful ‘Ready to Love’ contestants has been tested for Covid-19 and cleared to quarantine together at a luxury mansion, where they will all have opportunities to mingle and eventually decide who stays and who goes around, as the tables turn weekly in their search for true love at its finest.

Who are the cast members of the OWN show?

Seoul, Sabrina

Phil, Courtney, Tyrone, Alilah, Lamont, Frank, Kheri, Nai’im, Mumen, Walter, Tisia, Danta, Shiloh, Cornelius, Zadia, Corey, Libba, Carrington, and Kamil are the remaining participants.


Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment are the producers of the show.


Here’s what we can expect from ‘Ready to Love.’ From the looks of the trailer, the big night will be one you won’t want to miss!


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