Season 4 of Ozark sees Jonah and Ruth defeat the Byrdes, while Ben’s death spurs conspiracy theories.


Season 4 of Ozark sees Jonah and Ruth defeat the Byrdes, while Ben’s death spurs conspiracy theories.

Season three of OZARK ended in tragedy, and fans are eagerly anticipating Season 4 to pick up the pieces. Could Marty and Wendy be defeated once and for all by forming an alliance? The latest installment of the famous criminal drama, which ended with the tragic death of Ben Davis, horrified Netflix watchers (played by Tom Pelphrey). With the Byrdes’ organization collaborating with the Navarro cartel next season, Ozark aficionados feel the Ozarks’ demise could come from the most unexpected source.

According to a new notion, Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) could take down his own parents in Ozark season four thanks to an odd partnership.

Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) has become a protégé of the Snell family, but when the show returns, she may be looking for a way out.

Meanwhile, Wendy (Laura Linney) is haunted by the guilt of betraying her own brother by disclosing his whereabouts to Helen (Janet McTeer).

Now that Helen is no longer in the picture, it may be the ideal time to strike the Byrdes at their weakest point and finish the job started by Marty (Jason Bateman) in season one.

In anticipation of the second season, one fan took to Reddit to suggest that when Ozark returns, Jonah and Ruth might form an alliance.

“I feel like this is shaping up perfectly for Jonah to hook up with Ruth, the KC mob, and Darlene against his own family,” wrote user Savings Test 1198.

After battling with the Byrdes on multiple occasions, drug dealer Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) could make an odd ally in the approaching war.

Despite the fact that she kidnapped Jonah when Wendy denied her parental rights to infant Zeke, they may find common ground now that they’re on Navarros’ payroll.

“With the apparent exception of Wendy, he and Ruth were the closest and most saddened by Ben’s death,” the admirer continued.

“Jonah can’t believe her mother was involved in the killing of a family member by shooting the window, and he hasn’t trusted his parents since they assumed he was sick or a youngster who shoots up a school.”

Since his family moved to the Ozark Mountains, Jonah has felt betrayed and ignored by his parents.

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