Season 4 of ‘All American’: What Does Asher’s Future Hold?


Season 4 of ‘All American’: What Does Asher’s Future Hold?

The CW’s All American season 3 finale concluded on a couple shocking cliffhangers.

The news that Asher would never be able to play football again was one of them.

And if you know Asher, you know that this was the very worst news he could have received. Asher must now find a new purpose outside of being a football player in All American Season 4.

In the season 3 finale, what happened to Asher?

Asher Adams, like the most of the characters on All American, has gone through a lot of ups and downs during his time on the program. He had a steroid issue, Spencer was always one step ahead of him, and he changed positions on the football field.

Asher got a full-ride scholarship to play football at Coastal California, his favorite school, during the third season of All American. He was ecstatic, of course, because football is his top priority.

His joy, however, would be short-lived.

Asher’s father entered the locker room just as he was about to join his team on the football field for the state championships and brought heartbreaking news. He informed him that he was no longer able to play football due to a rare heart condition known as cardiomyopathy.

Asher had been hit hard at a full-contact session a few days prior, necessitating X-rays.

His illness was established by these scans.

Asher was unable to join his team in the state final, which was only a few minutes away, and Coastal California is now nothing more than a fantasy.

Right on cue, right on cue, right on cue, right on cue, right This new trend will surely continue in Season 4 of All American.

In Season 4 of ‘All American,’ Asher will go through’stages of mourning.’

While Asher trashed the locker room in a fit of wrath and despair at the end of season 3, All American Season 4 may see the hothead calm down a bit.

Nkechi Okoro Carroll, the showrunner of All American, recently spoke with TVLine about Asher’s plot in season 4.

“When you lose something you love, it truly is a loss,” Carroll remarked. We’ll see Asher go through the phases of grieving… [We’ll see] what the new path is, and hope that it doesn’t get damaged in the grieving process.

That Asher deals with grief and loss in a different way than he did in season one.”

Asher has matured a lot from his first season as a jerk, therefore it’s natural to expect him to take this new development maturely.

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