Season 4 ‘Élite’: release date, story, new cast and all we know so far


Élite might not be as successful as Money Heist, but Netflix’s Spanish original series has a cult following of its own.

For its fourth season, the series is set and will undergo a “reset” of sorts.

What happened at the end of Season 3 of ‘Elite’?

It essentially ended a three-season arc for the series when the season three finale arrived. Lu mistakenly killed Polo, and the students rallied to cover and defend her in order to put an end to all the misery that occurred after the death of Marina.

After Season 3, most main characters will not return. To go to their program at Columbia University in New York, Nadia and Lu left the series. Malick was going to New York for school as well. Originally, Omar decided to go with him but remained behind to reunite with Ander, who, because of his illness, was unable to graduate from Las Encinas.

Carla left to study as well. And Yeray probably left somewhere abroad to run one of his businesses.

Carla left Valerio’s hands with the wineries she ran.

But it looks like for Season 4, Valerio won’t be around.

The returning characters are Samuel, Guzmán, Ander and Rebeca, who, along with Omar, who is now visiting Las Encinas, are returning to finish their last year.

‘Élite’: who is the real love of Carla — Polo or Samuel?

Despite her graduation, Cayetana will also return as well. Polo’s parents gave her a scholarship to any school that she chose to attend, but she decided against it.

She was seen mopping the floors at the end of the season, when the characters who had returned to school were going to work.

That means she actually didn’t have enough money to go to college and, like her mother, took a job.

The new cast will add a lot to “Élitenew “‘s stories.

Initial reports gave the appearance that the series was going to have a soft reboot, but when it was announced that the returning Las Encinas students would be in Season 4, those rumors were debunked.

Fresh students from Las Encinas will play with Manu Rios, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi and Pol Granch.

Their characters have not yet been disclosed.

As a coach, Diego Martin is also part of the cast.

To announce the newcomers, the new cast and returning cast members gathered for a promo shot. As they have to be revealed to the audience first, it seems like a lot of story lines would revolve around the new characters.

For the returning characters, this is also the last year of school, so their stories may be a little more minimal.

When season 4 will premiere, Netflix has not confirmed yet. However, sometime in 2020, it is certainly expected, as it looks like development has wrapped up.

With the exception of season 3, which premiered in spring, all seasons of the series debuted in the fall. Netflix might go either direction, however, as the global pandemic continues, the streaming giant will certainly use more content. Viewers should expect Season 4 at the earliest this spring, and if not, then in the fall the season should arrive on Netflix.


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