Season 3 of ‘Legacies’: When the series returns to The CW


The last time fans of Legacies saw Hope Mikaelson, she helped Josie Saltzman conquer the deadly dark side of her.

Yet almost a year ago, it was.

And with the return of The CW’s biggest series in January, many want to know when to expect the premiere of Season 3.

In January, ‘Legacies’ returns to The CW.

In the fall, the CW’s primetime programming normally premieres.

But several series have been forced to delay development because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With shows like Riverdale and The Flash premiering in January and February, the network has pushed its fall schedule to early 2021.

Luckily, fans of Legacies won’t have to wait too long, either. On Thursday, Jan. 21, at 9 p.m., Season 3 of the supernatural drama premieres on the CW.


Each Thursday, new episodes will air weekly.

And on The CW app and website, they will be available to watch the next day.

Give your day some magic. Happy festivities! #Legacies Legacies (@cwlegacies) December 25, 2020 Will Ian Somerhalder return to “The Vampire Diaries” with “Legacies”?

Where did they leave Season 2?

Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) ventured into Josie’s (Kaylee Bryant) mind in the season 2 finale of ‘Legacies’ and helped her defeat her dark side.

But Hope never woke up after saving Josie.

And, considering the necromancer’s (Ben Geurens) contract with Alaric, Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), who was killed by spell-casting Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith), was still dead (Matt Davis).

The episode left viewers with a lot of questions that were not answered.

And probably that’s because it wasn’t intended to be a season finale.

Production was halted in the middle of the season because of the pandemic.

And out of the 20 originally planned for the season, viewers ended up with just 16 episodes.

In the final season, what was your favorite moment? On Thursday, January 21, Season 3 premieres! Stream just on The CW for free the next day. #Legacies Legacies (@cwlegacies) December 28, 2020 Ian Somerhalder, star of the Vampire Diaries, chose a battle with his wife Nikki Reed when he purchased this

“We’ve wrapped up episode 216 for now,” tweeted showrunner Julie Plec in March 2020. “It’s actually a fun, random season finale with a good cliffhanger, so it will be temporarily satisfying until we can go back and finish the rest.”

What to prepare for Season 3 as ‘Legacies’ returns

It will pick up where Season 2 left off when “Legacies” returns on Jan. 21.

According to a CW synopsis, the Season 3 premiere, titled “We’re Not Worthy,” will introduce a new monster and the Salvatore students will leave campus for a fun day.

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“To get a handle on some pressing matters at school, Alaric (Matthew Davis) sends the students off-campus for their very first field day,” the network’s description reads. “But the students must puzzle about which of them could be a worthy opponent when a medieval beast arrives with a challenge.

In a trailer for the new season, Lizzie hints that she needs Hope, who is still not awake, and Rafael asks the Necromancer to bring Landon back by putting his soul into his body. Hopefully, as the season continues, Hope and Landon will find their path back to the real world.


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