Season 3 of ‘Creepshow’ actor Johnathon Schaech compares his role in Shudder to that of Jonah Hex on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ (Exclusive).


Season 3 of ‘Creepshow’ actor Johnathon Schaech compares his role in Shudder to that of Jonah Hex on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ (Exclusive).

Johnathon Schaech is a well-known actor who has appeared in a number of high-profile roles during his career, but he is most recognized for portraying DC Comics character Jonah Hex on the CW superhero series Legends of Tomorrow. Now that Schaech is starring in the latest episode of Shudder’s Creepshow series, he has some comments on the parallels between the character he plays and the comic book bounty hunter he portrays. Schaech makes an appearance in Creepshow Season 3, Episode 4’s second section. In the film Meter Reader, the actor plays a religious lawman tasked with assisting in the fight against a “demonic virus” that has engulfed the globe.

While the Meter Reader is out fighting possessed humans and other otherworldly evil, his family awaits his return, fearful that he would become infected. When he returns, it’s evident that something is wrong, and it’s up to his adolescent daughter to stay up and safeguard the family. In an exclusive interview with, Schaech admitted that the manner he played the Meter Reader had “a lot of Jonah Hex in it.” “On this side, I have a very strong devil and a very strong light,” Schaech explained, adding that he “plays them really forcefully, one or the other.” “METER READER” is here to uncover your demons this week on @CreepshowTv.

It was an amazing pleasure to work with such a fantastic ensemble and the CS family once again; here are some photos from our final night together.

…and that head collector is quite handsome!

@Shudder @JohnSchaech @DolanAbbie Schaech mentioned that he enjoyed portraying Jonah Hex and that he “would love…to get a chance to come back” to “at least have a proper goodbye” during the chat. “He has a lot of power in society right now,” Schaech continued, “and I think it was incredibly essential to bring Jonah Hex back.” He went on to say that he’s “heard” whispers that “there is a chance [for him]to come back” “within the Jonah Hex universe, in the comic book world.” “It’s impossible to even get me there,” he continued, “because of the pandemic.” While fans will have to wait to see if Schaech returns to Legends of Tomorrow in the future, he is now featured in the new Creepshow segment.

Schaech collaborated with director Joe Lynch on “Meter Reader,” which was scripted by John Esposito, and… Brinkwire Summary Entertainment News


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