Season 2 of Law & Order: Organized Crime: Wheatley hunting Benson to kill Stabler?


Season 2 of Law & Order: Organized Crime: Wheatley hunting Benson to kill Stabler?

Fans of LAW AND ORDER SVU are worried that Richard Wheatley, Elliot Stabler’s antagonist, may try to find Olivia Benson. Will the crime leader be able to assassinate Benson in the upcoming season of Organized Crime on NBC, as he gets increasingly eager to eliminate the former detective?

Fans of the upcoming Law and Order spin-off Organized Crime are concerned that Elliot Stabler’s (Christopher Meloni) new adversary Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) may try to track down his old partner Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) for vengeance. Fans of the NBC smash show are worried that Stabler may lose another person he loves in season two, leading him down an even darker path.

Hargitay revealed on Instagram earlier this year that she suffered a shattered knee, a hairline fracture in her ankle, and a torn ligament.

Since then, fans have speculated on how this would affect Benson in season 23 of Law & Order SVU, as well as whether she will be injured by an adversary to explain her injuries.

Following their reconnection, Stabler and Benson have frequently collaborated, with the latter attempting to assist her old partner in dealing with the death of his wife.

Following the revelation that criminal lord Richard Wheatley was responsible for Kathy Stabler’s (Isabel Gillies) horrific murder, viewers are fearful that he will now turn his attention to Benson in order to eliminate the man who is hunting him.

Fans were quick to express their fears about the beloved detective on Twitter, with one user writing: “Wheatley now knows who Benson is. He intends to pursue Benson!

“If that happens, Stabler will go insane!”

“Stabler has been insane since Kathy died, and Wheatley would be making the worst mistake of his life if he went after Benson,” another said.

Another fan, on the other hand, is looking forward to seeing what Wheatley can do next season: “Looking forward to seeing the havoc he can cause Elliott.”

“[Looking forward to] the trouble Elliot will give him straight back,” another fan said.

Another viewer issued a strong warning to the character, saying, “You are my favorite TV villain, but if you damage @Mariska, you will have to deal with the billions….yes billions who love her to deal with.” (sic)

Someone person advised, “Don’t touch Captain Benson.”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” a fan added, implying that Stabler will put up a good fight.


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