Season 2 of I May Destroy You: Michaela Coel gives a sad update on the drama.


Season 2 of I May Destroy You: Michaela Coel gives a sad update on the drama.

I MAY DESTROY YOU is expected to sweep the Emmy Awards this year, but fans should not expect the show to return.

Michaela Coel has chimed in on whether she’ll be returning to the universe of I May Destroy You, last year’s blockbuster original drama. Despite the critical acclaim for the BBC and HBO collaboration, the actress will not be reprising any of the characters for a second season.

Michaela Coel, the creator and star of I May Destroy You, has confirmed that a sequel is still off the table.

Coel was asked if she was tempted to return to the characters she created for the blockbuster 12-part drama in a recent discussion with Deadline.

She said, “I don’t think Arabella’s story is complete, and Kwame’s arc is not complete.”

“However, the arcs of the stories I’m telling in the show, their experiences, are complete.”

Despite the fact that the writer-director can still envision how Arabella, Kwame (Paapa Essiedu), and Terry (Weruche Opialives )’s can go, she has no desire to bring them back to the small screen.

“Obviously, the characters in my imagination go on to live whatever lives they’re living, but I don’t think they’re TV-worthy lives,” she continued.

“I believe they’ve sorted out their lives and are now leading quite ordinary, lovely, boring lives that don’t make for excellent television.”

Arabella, a writer and influencer who attempts to put together the events of a sexual assault, is played by Coel in the creative new drama.

In the magnificent and powerful end of the miniseries, the events of the night begin to come together, and Arabella overcomes her trauma.

I May Destroy You has made Coel a household celebrity. She was previously recognized for her E4 comedy Chewing Gum, which premiered on Netflix in the UK.

The actress and writer has a number of high-profile forthcoming projects lined up, as well as additional television shows in the works, according to Deadline.

Coel stated, “Of course, I’ll keep doing TV.” “However, it won’t be season two of I May Destroy You.”


Finally, she put an end to it by saying, “I believe that would ruin the show itself.”

Fans who binge-watched the show last year and were hoping to see Arabella and her friends again will be disappointed by the news.

Thankfully, the series came to an end. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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